Friday, March 25, 2011

We Love Nutella! My First Mommy Party

When I was given the opportunity to host a Mommy Party to try Nutella with 10 mommy friends, I jumped at the chance! I wasn’t sure what it would involve, but I love having friends over and what better reason than to get some freebies and try something new?!

I received a box with a jar of Nutella, step by step instructions for hosting the party, as well as goodies for ten moms that included a sample, spreader, travel mug, an information sheet and a few cards with serving suggestions. Everything was very easy to put together for the party because Mommy Parties had everything laid out step-by-step for the prep and the party!

I’ll admit, before I hosted the Nutella Mommy Party, I had never tasted Nutella. I wasn’t the only one. Only one of the nine moms at the party had tasted Nutella! You can imagine how much fun we had tasting the spread on the whole wheat bread, English muffins, strawberries and bananas. It was a HIT! Each of the moms (but one!) loved it and the kids had it smeared from ear to ear! Some ideas for uses were to use Nutella in place of peanut butter in peanut butter cookies and another said it could be used in place of chocolate bars on s’mores! Also, after the party one of the mom’s tried the sample from her goodie bag as suggested on a tortilla with banana and she said it was very good!

Let me tell you, now that my family has tasted Nutella, it’s become a staple! Click here to learn more about Nutella and get your own $1.00 off coupon or here for a chance to win a case of Nutella!  

We had so much fun with this, my mom friends and I are hoping to be chosen to host another Mommy Party in the future!

* I had problems with my photos uploading to blogger. I hope to have them in another post soon!