Tuesday, December 27, 2005

December 5-8, 2005

December 5, 2005

I called my OB/GYN right away this morning to cancel my infertility consult I had scheduled in February and make an appointment for my first check-up! I thought my heart was going to jump through my throat while I was on the phone with the receptionist because I was so excited! I guess she could tell how excited I was because she told me that I wouldn’t be able to see Dr. Brown until the beginning of January, but I could see a nurse practioner today at 3:30! I had to ask if that was ok, I didn’t know any better! She said the practioner would do the same thing as Dr. Brown would so that would be just fine. She also told me about a first time pregnancy class that they were having on the 7th, so I signed us up for that right away too!

Josh’s co-worker, Fred, dropped him off at my work and we went to the appointment together. (I’m so glad he could come! I told my supervisor I had to leave early for a chiropractor appointment.) We were told the appointment would be about a ½ hour, consisting of some general information and an exam, of course! Well, Jennifer, the nurse practioner was so awesome! When she walked in she said, “So you’re pregnant?!” We told her we took two pregnancy tests and they were both positive. She said that was good enough for them! Josh was really surprised, as I was too, so he asked if I’ll have to have a blood test. She said they don’t even to pregnancy tests at the office visit any more because the over the counter tests are just as good! We had written down some questions and she was full of information for us. Our ½ hour appointment turned into 1 ½ hours! WOW! As she was reading my chart she read that I was dealing with PCOS and asked when I went off the pill. I told her the beginning of November and she was absolutely shocked. She said, “You’re definitely an inspiration to all women with PCOS.” That felt SO good! Then I had to have my exam…they test for all kinds of crap that’ll harm the baby. Josh got to see me with my feet up in the stirrups for the first time, lucky him! It was a little embarrassing, but I think he thought it was interesting to see what actually happens at one of those appointments. Silly boy! But no, he didn’t actually SEE anything, so that was good!

I made my next appointment right away for January 4th! We’ll have our first ultrasound that day!! We had no idea I’d be having more than one, so we were really excited about that! I’ll also be meeting with Dr. Brown that day to talk to her about how things are going. THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I sure hope Josh will be able to continue to come to my “important” appointments. (I have to go once a month for now.)

December 6, 2005

I stopped at McDonald’s for a fruit and yogurt salad this morning. The guy in the car in front of me was smoking and it was making me gag to the point I actually had to roll up my window! I can’t believe how fast all of the “side effects” of being preggers are setting in!
We had dinner with Mindy and Ron tonight so I could take their picture for their Christmas cards. We had spaghetti and it was DELISH! Since we won’t be seeing our family until this weekend Josh still won’t let me tell anyone, so it was really hard tonight! We started talking about different spaghetti sauces while we were eating and Ron was talking about Prego. I was giggling so hard I had to go to the bathroom so they wouldn’t see me! I got the joking evil eyes from Josh when I got back, but it was FUNNY!! I can’t wait to be able to tell them. We’ll have to do dinner again next week! Oh darn!

December 8, 2005

I left work early today to get home and let the dog out. Got out at 3:30 for another chiropractor appointment, got home around 4:15, let the dog out and turned around to come back to the cities at 4:30. I got to Josh’s work to pick him up about 5:15 and waited a little while for him to finish up a few things. We headed over to the doctor’s office running a little late, as usual. Little did I know, the receptionist told me 5:45, but it didn’t actually start until 6:00. Worked out good for us except when we got there the door was locked! I checked my info sheet and made sure we were at the right place at the right time and we were. Just a little early, that’s all!

We were happy to see that our nurse practioner, Jennifer, was teaching the class! It was a small group of us…2 other couples and one woman that came without her husband because, “He already has kids and knows what to expect.” Yikes, this one was a gem, that’s for sure! We all introduced ourselves and how far along we were. I felt like we were really ahead of the game (or jumping the gun!) when I said 5 weeks and everyone else was at 8 or 9! Oh well, I say we’re just trying to be prepared! We had a packet that she went through and then we watched a video on what to eat and what not to eat. I think we both got a lot out of it. LoL…part of the packet was what to do if you have preterm labor and I started getting nauseous! We’ve decided we’ll talk and learn about that after my first trimester when a little bit of the excitement and nervousness has passed!

We treated ourselves to Red Robin for dinner around 7:30 when the class was done. We usually like going there because they will cook our burgers very close to medium rare, which most places won’t do. Well, tonight Josh got his medium rare burger and I got my medium well burger. NO FAIR! I think I’ll miss my medium rare steaks a lot more than the burgers though. And who knows if I'll even want to eat them as my pregnancy goes on!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

December 3-4, 2005

December 3, 2005

Last night was Josh’s Holiday Party for work. I like to have a few cocktails to loosen up and everyone knows it, so not having one would be suspicious to anyone that knows me. I was thinking all day how I could look like I was drinking so no one would guess that I wasn’t! Damn, I’m good…cranberry juice and Sprite. Genius, I tell you!

Today Josh and I went to get our Christmas tree…it was great spending some time alone together since he was gone so much in November. It’s amazing how much changed overnight. I felt like he was watching over me and I noticed my self being more careful walking on the snow so I didn’t slip and fall. This evening we had a dinner date with Chris and Sam in Minneapolis. It was a great time! I brought the ingredients for “Hot Toddies” and I’m pretty sure Chris almost passed out when I didn’t put any vanilla schnapps in my hot chocolate! They made us an appetizer with brie cheese and I hesitated before I ate it, but still had a couple pieces. (Brie isn’t pasteurized so you’re supposed to stay away from it.) Then for dinner we had some kick ass homemade pizzas that Chris made and an awesome dessert that Sam made. Boy, those men can cook!! I was dying all night because I wanted to tell them our news, but Josh kept shooting me “the look” so I knew I’d better keep my mouth shut! It was SOOO hard to do!

When we bought the pregnancy test we bought a two pack, so we decided I’ll take the other one tomorrow morning. Hahaha…we want to be sure!!

December 4, 2005

ANOTHER POSITIVE TEST! We thought it would be the same and were relieved when it was! I’ll call my OB/GYN tomorrow to make our first appointment! We’re both hoping that we can get right in tomorrow, but it’s not likely. It’s hard to get an appointment with her 1 month down the road, let alone one day.

We spent the day lounging and napping. It’s amazing how I’m noticing things now that I wasn’t before. My freakin boobs hurt SO BAD!! And they’re getting bigger, which seems to intrigue my husband, but he’s been told NOT to touch cuz they HURT!

I also had my first weird food craving tonight. I’m really hit or miss with tomatoes. I absolutely cannot eat them on salads, love grape tomatoes, and sometimes I will and sometimes I won’t have them on a sandwich. ANYWAY – I was making some Tastefully Simple soup and decided to add some canned chicken and diced tomatoes. I know, I’m quite the cook. Well, I put the tomatoes in the strainer in the sink and kept eyeing them up, thinking they smelled SOOOO good! The next thing I knew, I was hovering over the sink munching on them! Josh looked at me with this puzzled look on his face and I said, “I know! I have no idea what I’m doing!”

It’s all just beginning!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

November 30-December 2, 2005

November 30, 2005

Well, I got through the day today and…NOTHING! I didn’t get my period. Josh is keeping me grounded, reminding me that it doesn’t really mean anything. Because if I’m not ovulating I won’t get my period.

December 1, 2005

STILL NOTHING! Josh and I decided tonight that we will test in the morning. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! I’m full of butterflies.

December 2, 2005


We got up early this morning and I peed on a stick. (Why did we decide to do this before work?!) I went to the kitchen while we were waiting the recommended 2-3 minutes before looking at it. Josh ran out to start his work truck and I snuck back into the bathroom. Naughty, I know, but it wasn’t done so I don’t feel bad about it! When Josh came back into the house we went into the bathroom together. I picked it up…and there were two lines!!!!!


He jokingly said, “Is that what Karol’s looked like?” How romantic! :-) We looked at each other and I started crying...we smiled, laughed and talked for a whole two minutes before Josh had to leave. Before he left I told him to pray today and remember how truly blessed we are. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. But God had other plans for us!! THANK YOU!! He looked at me and sweetly said, “I hope the baby has your nose.” It was adorable!

Now the true test…can I keep this secret?!

Monday, December 19, 2005

November 7-20, 2005

November 7, 2005

I’ve been charting my Basal Body Temperature, but they say by the time you see it spike the actual ovulation has already taken place. This month will probably be a test run so we can see how my body will do without the pill and when I will ovulate. According to the 28 day cycle that I have been on for the last 10 or so years (wow, it’s been that long?!) I will be ovulating somewhere between November 14 and November 16. I read somewhere not to say the word ovulating to your partner, but I just couldn’t help it! I want him to know what I know so we don’t miss our window of opportunity!

November 10, 2005

I just realized I am going to be alone SO MUCH this month! Josh was gone last weekend and this weekend we have to go to WI for a wedding and so he can put up his deer stand. Damn deer hunting…he’ll be gone November 18-27! Luckily we knew this when I went off the pill and it doesn’t interfere with my ovulation schedule. That is, if my body decides to even ovulate. We’ll see.

November 13, 2005

I read somewhere that the sperm can live for 24-72 hours…is this too much information? Sorry, it’s important to timing with ovulation! :-) On the other hand, doing it more isn’t necessarily better because the sperm count goes down if they don’t have enough recuperation time between! So what are we to do?! “O” day is nearing so we decided to just go with it. We do it when we want and if it happens, it happens. We still have to keep in mind that I may not even ovulate whether we plan it or not!

November 15, 2005

I swear we’ve morphed into a rabbits…cuz we’ve been acting like a couple of them! :-) The ovulation (which I think will happen today) has been in the back of our minds. We’re both so ready to be parents that we want it really bad, which apparently makes us want each other really bad! :-)

November 17, 2005

My temp spiked today, which means that I ovulated…I THINK!

November 20, 2005

My temp has stayed the same since it spiked on Thursday. That could mean that I’m pregnant! And it could mean nothing! :-) I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's hard not to. I am convinced that I didn't ovulate because I didn't notice any of the other signs of ovulation. I’m supposed to get my period on the 30th, so until then…we wait.

I can’t wait until this week is over, even though I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. That’s when I’ll see Josh again and I miss him so much!!! I just know he’s sitting in his deer stand wondering if this will be his last deer season without having to leave kids behind.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm a little slow...

I'm a bit behind on posting...so as I catch up I think I'll use the date as the title of my post. (I've been keeping a few notes here and there.) Hopefully I can get going on this tomorrow! I want to share all of the interesting stuff that's been happening in my bed...hahaha! ;-)

Friday, December 09, 2005

It’s now or never!

I’m starting this blog to track our trials and tribulations of trying to conceive. Starting our family was a huge decision for my husband Josh and me to make, but we have decided the time is right!

Since family is so important to both of us we knew we wouldn’t start trying until we were ready to move closer to our family. We’re living in the Twin Cities right now, but are in the process of planning our move back to Central Wisconsin, where I am originally from. (My husband is from Northern WI.) When we moved to MN in March of 2002, it was our plan to get experience in our job fields, have fun doing new things, save some money and then move back home. We’ve accomplished all of those things and are ready to move on!

We always knew we wanted to have a family some day so at my last OB/GYN appointment this summer (July?) I started talking to my doctor about what we would have to do. She just so happens to deal with infertility, which works out perfect since I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 13 years old. I wanted to make sure I had enough information to go into this educated. I found out that most women with PCOS do not ovulate on their own, but I was assured by my doctor that there was a simple medication to take and the chances of conceiving were good. She also let me know that if I’m going to ovulate on my own the best chances would be the first three months after stopping the birth control. Basically that meant don’t go off it until you’re absolutely ready to start trying!

Besides my PCOS we have another strike against us right off the bat. When Josh was in High School he had emergency hernia surgery and his doctor told him if he got hit in the nuggets one more time he wouldn’t be having kids. Well, you know he didn’t quit playing sports, so you know it happened again.

So with those two things in mind, I stopped taking birth control on Saturday, November 5th. It was a momentous occasion as we tossed that little yellow pack into the garbage…and then dug it out to keep it around so none of our family or friends would know we were trying! (That way we wouldn’t get the “Are you pregnant yet?” question all the time.) We don’t expect to get pregnant right away, but if it happens, we’re ready!