Tuesday, December 27, 2005

December 5-8, 2005

December 5, 2005

I called my OB/GYN right away this morning to cancel my infertility consult I had scheduled in February and make an appointment for my first check-up! I thought my heart was going to jump through my throat while I was on the phone with the receptionist because I was so excited! I guess she could tell how excited I was because she told me that I wouldn’t be able to see Dr. Brown until the beginning of January, but I could see a nurse practioner today at 3:30! I had to ask if that was ok, I didn’t know any better! She said the practioner would do the same thing as Dr. Brown would so that would be just fine. She also told me about a first time pregnancy class that they were having on the 7th, so I signed us up for that right away too!

Josh’s co-worker, Fred, dropped him off at my work and we went to the appointment together. (I’m so glad he could come! I told my supervisor I had to leave early for a chiropractor appointment.) We were told the appointment would be about a ½ hour, consisting of some general information and an exam, of course! Well, Jennifer, the nurse practioner was so awesome! When she walked in she said, “So you’re pregnant?!” We told her we took two pregnancy tests and they were both positive. She said that was good enough for them! Josh was really surprised, as I was too, so he asked if I’ll have to have a blood test. She said they don’t even to pregnancy tests at the office visit any more because the over the counter tests are just as good! We had written down some questions and she was full of information for us. Our ½ hour appointment turned into 1 ½ hours! WOW! As she was reading my chart she read that I was dealing with PCOS and asked when I went off the pill. I told her the beginning of November and she was absolutely shocked. She said, “You’re definitely an inspiration to all women with PCOS.” That felt SO good! Then I had to have my exam…they test for all kinds of crap that’ll harm the baby. Josh got to see me with my feet up in the stirrups for the first time, lucky him! It was a little embarrassing, but I think he thought it was interesting to see what actually happens at one of those appointments. Silly boy! But no, he didn’t actually SEE anything, so that was good!

I made my next appointment right away for January 4th! We’ll have our first ultrasound that day!! We had no idea I’d be having more than one, so we were really excited about that! I’ll also be meeting with Dr. Brown that day to talk to her about how things are going. THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I sure hope Josh will be able to continue to come to my “important” appointments. (I have to go once a month for now.)

December 6, 2005

I stopped at McDonald’s for a fruit and yogurt salad this morning. The guy in the car in front of me was smoking and it was making me gag to the point I actually had to roll up my window! I can’t believe how fast all of the “side effects” of being preggers are setting in!
We had dinner with Mindy and Ron tonight so I could take their picture for their Christmas cards. We had spaghetti and it was DELISH! Since we won’t be seeing our family until this weekend Josh still won’t let me tell anyone, so it was really hard tonight! We started talking about different spaghetti sauces while we were eating and Ron was talking about Prego. I was giggling so hard I had to go to the bathroom so they wouldn’t see me! I got the joking evil eyes from Josh when I got back, but it was FUNNY!! I can’t wait to be able to tell them. We’ll have to do dinner again next week! Oh darn!

December 8, 2005

I left work early today to get home and let the dog out. Got out at 3:30 for another chiropractor appointment, got home around 4:15, let the dog out and turned around to come back to the cities at 4:30. I got to Josh’s work to pick him up about 5:15 and waited a little while for him to finish up a few things. We headed over to the doctor’s office running a little late, as usual. Little did I know, the receptionist told me 5:45, but it didn’t actually start until 6:00. Worked out good for us except when we got there the door was locked! I checked my info sheet and made sure we were at the right place at the right time and we were. Just a little early, that’s all!

We were happy to see that our nurse practioner, Jennifer, was teaching the class! It was a small group of us…2 other couples and one woman that came without her husband because, “He already has kids and knows what to expect.” Yikes, this one was a gem, that’s for sure! We all introduced ourselves and how far along we were. I felt like we were really ahead of the game (or jumping the gun!) when I said 5 weeks and everyone else was at 8 or 9! Oh well, I say we’re just trying to be prepared! We had a packet that she went through and then we watched a video on what to eat and what not to eat. I think we both got a lot out of it. LoL…part of the packet was what to do if you have preterm labor and I started getting nauseous! We’ve decided we’ll talk and learn about that after my first trimester when a little bit of the excitement and nervousness has passed!

We treated ourselves to Red Robin for dinner around 7:30 when the class was done. We usually like going there because they will cook our burgers very close to medium rare, which most places won’t do. Well, tonight Josh got his medium rare burger and I got my medium well burger. NO FAIR! I think I’ll miss my medium rare steaks a lot more than the burgers though. And who knows if I'll even want to eat them as my pregnancy goes on!