Thursday, December 22, 2005

December 3-4, 2005

December 3, 2005

Last night was Josh’s Holiday Party for work. I like to have a few cocktails to loosen up and everyone knows it, so not having one would be suspicious to anyone that knows me. I was thinking all day how I could look like I was drinking so no one would guess that I wasn’t! Damn, I’m good…cranberry juice and Sprite. Genius, I tell you!

Today Josh and I went to get our Christmas tree…it was great spending some time alone together since he was gone so much in November. It’s amazing how much changed overnight. I felt like he was watching over me and I noticed my self being more careful walking on the snow so I didn’t slip and fall. This evening we had a dinner date with Chris and Sam in Minneapolis. It was a great time! I brought the ingredients for “Hot Toddies” and I’m pretty sure Chris almost passed out when I didn’t put any vanilla schnapps in my hot chocolate! They made us an appetizer with brie cheese and I hesitated before I ate it, but still had a couple pieces. (Brie isn’t pasteurized so you’re supposed to stay away from it.) Then for dinner we had some kick ass homemade pizzas that Chris made and an awesome dessert that Sam made. Boy, those men can cook!! I was dying all night because I wanted to tell them our news, but Josh kept shooting me “the look” so I knew I’d better keep my mouth shut! It was SOOO hard to do!

When we bought the pregnancy test we bought a two pack, so we decided I’ll take the other one tomorrow morning. Hahaha…we want to be sure!!

December 4, 2005

ANOTHER POSITIVE TEST! We thought it would be the same and were relieved when it was! I’ll call my OB/GYN tomorrow to make our first appointment! We’re both hoping that we can get right in tomorrow, but it’s not likely. It’s hard to get an appointment with her 1 month down the road, let alone one day.

We spent the day lounging and napping. It’s amazing how I’m noticing things now that I wasn’t before. My freakin boobs hurt SO BAD!! And they’re getting bigger, which seems to intrigue my husband, but he’s been told NOT to touch cuz they HURT!

I also had my first weird food craving tonight. I’m really hit or miss with tomatoes. I absolutely cannot eat them on salads, love grape tomatoes, and sometimes I will and sometimes I won’t have them on a sandwich. ANYWAY – I was making some Tastefully Simple soup and decided to add some canned chicken and diced tomatoes. I know, I’m quite the cook. Well, I put the tomatoes in the strainer in the sink and kept eyeing them up, thinking they smelled SOOOO good! The next thing I knew, I was hovering over the sink munching on them! Josh looked at me with this puzzled look on his face and I said, “I know! I have no idea what I’m doing!”

It’s all just beginning!