Friday, December 09, 2005

It’s now or never!

I’m starting this blog to track our trials and tribulations of trying to conceive. Starting our family was a huge decision for my husband Josh and me to make, but we have decided the time is right!

Since family is so important to both of us we knew we wouldn’t start trying until we were ready to move closer to our family. We’re living in the Twin Cities right now, but are in the process of planning our move back to Central Wisconsin, where I am originally from. (My husband is from Northern WI.) When we moved to MN in March of 2002, it was our plan to get experience in our job fields, have fun doing new things, save some money and then move back home. We’ve accomplished all of those things and are ready to move on!

We always knew we wanted to have a family some day so at my last OB/GYN appointment this summer (July?) I started talking to my doctor about what we would have to do. She just so happens to deal with infertility, which works out perfect since I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was about 13 years old. I wanted to make sure I had enough information to go into this educated. I found out that most women with PCOS do not ovulate on their own, but I was assured by my doctor that there was a simple medication to take and the chances of conceiving were good. She also let me know that if I’m going to ovulate on my own the best chances would be the first three months after stopping the birth control. Basically that meant don’t go off it until you’re absolutely ready to start trying!

Besides my PCOS we have another strike against us right off the bat. When Josh was in High School he had emergency hernia surgery and his doctor told him if he got hit in the nuggets one more time he wouldn’t be having kids. Well, you know he didn’t quit playing sports, so you know it happened again.

So with those two things in mind, I stopped taking birth control on Saturday, November 5th. It was a momentous occasion as we tossed that little yellow pack into the garbage…and then dug it out to keep it around so none of our family or friends would know we were trying! (That way we wouldn’t get the “Are you pregnant yet?” question all the time.) We don’t expect to get pregnant right away, but if it happens, we’re ready!


kiki said...

And you know who your naming your first daughter after right? Starts with a K... end with a ristina.

Juicy said...

I think I have dibs on being the first name sake.

MrsGiggles said... two are adorable

Joefish said...

A little Giggle. Alright. Congratulations. :)

MrsGiggles said...