Thursday, May 04, 2006

Busy, Busy!

Our social calendar is keeping us busy and I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Our dinner on Monday with Luke and Dora had a bit of a change. When we got to TGI Friday’s Luke was there by himself cuz Dora was home with a migraine. What a bummer! But we still had a good time with Luke talking about their work (oh joy!), hunting (yay!) and how he never would have started ice fishing if we hadn’t met! We even had the same bartender that we had when we used to go there three years ago…it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday Dora had a job interview down the road from my work, so she stopped in to say hello. That was such a surprise and it was great to see her! We chit-chatted for a little bit and then she had to get going. I hope she’s able to make it to Josh’s happy hour after work on Friday so we can spend a little more time together before we leave.

Tuesday afternoon, kinda last minute, Mindy suggested going for pizza in town. It was the only night this week we didn’t have something going on, but at this point, who cares! I’m glad we got to go out with them, just the four of us, before we leave. It was lots of fun, as always! I’m sure going to miss them…Mindy has been a great friend since we met over three years ago when I started at R & H.

Last night I met Mindy and Linell for dinner at Applebee’s. (Yes, Applebee’s again! It’s about the only place to go in town!) We had a lot of fun catching up and talking baby stuff. Linell and her family got Squirt an ADORABLE outfit and a cute picture frame! After we shared dessert we all headed home. I got some packing done!!! Well, not much, but it’s a start. I packed up all of the little baby things we’ve accumulated so far.

Tonight is happy hour with my co-workers. I don’t know how many people will be there, but I know it will be fun! And Josh is going to come too!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

THIRD Trimester!

WOW! I can’t believe it…I’m 26 weeks today. If my calculations are right I’m starting my third trimester today! The time has flown by with all the excitement going on and hopefully continues to fly by through these last 3 months!

Squirt is now about 14 inches long from head to heels and is a little under 2 pounds! He’ll start putting on more baby fat now and fill out all his wrinkly skin. He is able to respond more to noises now that his ears are getting more developed. And now he’s starting to take in small breaths of amniotic fluid, mostly in R.E.M. sleep. I had to post this picture (from BabyCenter) because I love how the baby is all scrunched up!
When Josh left for work this morning (he leaves an hour before I do so I was still in bed) he was playing peek-a-boo with Squirt. Lucky me since that consists of him yanking my blankets off, yelling peek-a-boo, and then throwing the blankets back on me! Nice way to wake up, huh?! I always tell him it’s a good thing I can laugh at him!

I think Squirt has had the hiccups before, but I’m positive he did this morning! I was sitting at my desk at work and had some very rhythmic movements in the lower part of my uterus, where he seems to like to hang out. I sat back to enjoy it for a couple minutes and then it stopped! It was cool!

And just to rub it in to everyone…we’ve picked a name for Squirt and we just love it! We use it all the time when it’s just the two of us. But it’s still a secret!! Your only clue is that it isn’t a new age name, it’s pretty traditional. To hold you over until he arrives, his middle name will be Joshua, after his daddy who already loves him so much.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Our last week of work in MN

When Josh woke me up before he left this morning he said, “Happy last week of work.” WEIRD! We’ll both have our last day of work this Friday.

Josh put in his two week notice last Monday and he said it went good. (We didn’t know how it’d go since everyone at his work has been in the dark about what is going on.) His boss said he had a feeling we'd be moving but he was still bummed because he’s been such a good worker. The rest of his coworkers know now and everyone has been very understanding since we are moving to be closer to our families. Everyone keeps saying how important family is, especially when a little one is in the picture, and I can’t help but agree!

Our plan for this weekend was to start packing, but that just didn’t happen! Friday night we went for our last fish fry at Bar & Grill and to tell our favorite waitresses about the move. We didn’t even stay to play pool, went right home after we ate! Then Saturday morning I went to get my hair done and say goodbye to my stylist while Josh ran to the grocery store to get some more boxes. We got home around the same time and left a little while later to meet Stevi for lunch. It was so much fun and SOOOO good to see her. It’s been too long! We got there at 12:30 and when we got into the car the clock said 3:55!!!!! No wonder my butt was getting sore! It was a blast catching up! Saturday night we had dinner with our neighbors, Ray and Pam, at Applebee’s. That was another 3 hour dinner!! We had a blast…they took pics and got us some super cute baby gifts, which we totally didn’t expect! I don’t think we’ll ever have neighbors like them again…we’re sure going to miss them!! Sunday was supposed to be our day and we were going to get a lot of our packing done and out of the way. Well, after we went for breakfast Josh napped and I did some stamping and worked on another craft project. When I went upstairs three hours later I napped and Josh went downstairs on the computer! Needless to say, after I got up from my nap neither of us felt like doing anything. Silly us, cuz if you think the weekend was busy, our week is going to be just as crazy!

Tonight we’re having dinner with Luke and Dora at TGI Fridays…where we used to go hang out when we first met! Fitting, huh?! Tuesday we’ll both be home, Wednesday I’m having dinner with Mindy and Linell, Thursday night is happy hour with my co-workers and Friday night is happy hour with Josh’s co-workers! Good thing we don’t have a lot to pack since our realtor said it’ll be best to have our furniture there for showings. Saturday we went room by room and made a list of what we NEED to pack, so I guess that’s better than nothing. Then when the house sells we’ll come back, pack what’s left, and try to fit it all into a big UHaul trailer so we can get it in one trip. We’ll see how that goes when the time comes!

So…NOW our plan is to get packed little by little this week. My parents are most likely coming here on Friday some time to help us haul stuff back to their house. We’re hoping to be ready to go to Wisconsin (for good!) late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. HOW EXCITING!!!

Baby appointments

We had our 3rd ultrasound appointment last Tuesday. It was exciting to get another chance to see him since at the last one we couldn’t see his face and he wouldn’t move at all! So I had a plan…since I had to have a full bladder I’d drink 12 ounces of apple juice and 12 ounces of water before the appointment! :-) He always wiggles around when I drink apple juice so it HAD to work! Well, I think it did because Squirt was a lot more active and we finally got to see his face! OH – and he’s still a boy…I had the ultrasound tech double check! :-)

It was very hard to make out what was what, so we decided to make a “map” to post here so you can compare it to the plain ultrasound. The pic is turned to the right and has everything marked on it – keep in mind he is a lot bigger this time! Red is his heart, orange is his whole head, yellow is his right arm, blue are his eyes, green is his nose, pink is his mouth!

This one is a little easier to see after you see the “map.” We think he has my chin! :-) I hope you can make sense of them...we had a hard time at first! :-) I've seen so many ultrasound pics on other blogs and ours never look anything like the other ones!

My follow up (and sadly, last appointment) with Dr. B was on Wednesday afternoon. Everything went great...we went over the ultrasound and baby is right on track for growing! He was 1.7 pounds! I was a little worried about his size because the ultrasound tech said he was measuring 23 weeks, 3 days and he was supposed to be 23 weeks, 6 days. She reminded me that the bigger the baby gets, the harder it is to measure how old his is in weeks and days so I shouldn’t worry. Then we got all my files wrapped up and ready to be transferred to Marshfield Clinic in Weston. She even said if I have questions in the future about anything, whether it was the pregnancy or about my files, that I could call her. How awesome! :-) After I met with her I had my one hour glucose test. Well, my blood sugar level was 190 something and it was supposed to be under 155 or something!! So I had to go back first thing Thursday morning to have a THREE HOUR fasting lab done. I had to drink a double dose of the soda thing and then have my blood drawn every three hours. Three hours in a doctor’s office…joy! Needless to say I almost finished The Baby Whisperer book mom and dad got us for Easter! The good news is I passed the second time! :-) She said my other result could have been due to something I ate during the day since my appointment wasn't until almost 3:00. Whew! So everything is OK! I'm so glad cuz like I need something else on my plate right now!!!

Baby side effects

My wrists hurt SO BAD! The water retention can cause symptoms similar to carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists and is, of course, one of the symptoms I have! Joy! I get to sleep with braces on my wrists and when I wake up my fingers don’t seem to want to bend. Gets better as the day goes tho. I also use a brace at work while I’m at my computer to make sure that my wrist doesn’t bend while I’m typing. (My left one seems worse than the right one so that’s the one I wear the brace on.)

I also have to say that NONE of my sandals fit except a pair of cheap Old navy flip flops. I'm so annoyed!!!!!!!!! Yes, Karol told me her feet grew when she was pregnant, so I knew it was coming, but it’s different when it actually happens!! I started my search because of all the water retention. I started trying on sandals with mom at Walmart a few weeks ago and I had to get a ½ size bigger than usual! I ended up taking back the ones I got with her cuz they were too tight across the top of my foot. Then I tried on shoes at the local shoe store and Maurice’s before Josh and I went back to Walmart to search there again. I ended up getting a pair of backless white canvas shoes that fit SO GOOD! But I still wanted sandals cuz I live in them during the summer. Found a great deal on a pair at Kohl’s on Saturday!

They’re Adidas flip flops with really good soles on them and adjustable straps! They’re perfect and I feel much better now! :-)