Monday, May 01, 2006

Our last week of work in MN

When Josh woke me up before he left this morning he said, “Happy last week of work.” WEIRD! We’ll both have our last day of work this Friday.

Josh put in his two week notice last Monday and he said it went good. (We didn’t know how it’d go since everyone at his work has been in the dark about what is going on.) His boss said he had a feeling we'd be moving but he was still bummed because he’s been such a good worker. The rest of his coworkers know now and everyone has been very understanding since we are moving to be closer to our families. Everyone keeps saying how important family is, especially when a little one is in the picture, and I can’t help but agree!

Our plan for this weekend was to start packing, but that just didn’t happen! Friday night we went for our last fish fry at Bar & Grill and to tell our favorite waitresses about the move. We didn’t even stay to play pool, went right home after we ate! Then Saturday morning I went to get my hair done and say goodbye to my stylist while Josh ran to the grocery store to get some more boxes. We got home around the same time and left a little while later to meet Stevi for lunch. It was so much fun and SOOOO good to see her. It’s been too long! We got there at 12:30 and when we got into the car the clock said 3:55!!!!! No wonder my butt was getting sore! It was a blast catching up! Saturday night we had dinner with our neighbors, Ray and Pam, at Applebee’s. That was another 3 hour dinner!! We had a blast…they took pics and got us some super cute baby gifts, which we totally didn’t expect! I don’t think we’ll ever have neighbors like them again…we’re sure going to miss them!! Sunday was supposed to be our day and we were going to get a lot of our packing done and out of the way. Well, after we went for breakfast Josh napped and I did some stamping and worked on another craft project. When I went upstairs three hours later I napped and Josh went downstairs on the computer! Needless to say, after I got up from my nap neither of us felt like doing anything. Silly us, cuz if you think the weekend was busy, our week is going to be just as crazy!

Tonight we’re having dinner with Luke and Dora at TGI Fridays…where we used to go hang out when we first met! Fitting, huh?! Tuesday we’ll both be home, Wednesday I’m having dinner with Mindy and Linell, Thursday night is happy hour with my co-workers and Friday night is happy hour with Josh’s co-workers! Good thing we don’t have a lot to pack since our realtor said it’ll be best to have our furniture there for showings. Saturday we went room by room and made a list of what we NEED to pack, so I guess that’s better than nothing. Then when the house sells we’ll come back, pack what’s left, and try to fit it all into a big UHaul trailer so we can get it in one trip. We’ll see how that goes when the time comes!

So…NOW our plan is to get packed little by little this week. My parents are most likely coming here on Friday some time to help us haul stuff back to their house. We’re hoping to be ready to go to Wisconsin (for good!) late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. HOW EXCITING!!!

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