Thursday, May 04, 2006

Busy, Busy!

Our social calendar is keeping us busy and I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Our dinner on Monday with Luke and Dora had a bit of a change. When we got to TGI Friday’s Luke was there by himself cuz Dora was home with a migraine. What a bummer! But we still had a good time with Luke talking about their work (oh joy!), hunting (yay!) and how he never would have started ice fishing if we hadn’t met! We even had the same bartender that we had when we used to go there three years ago…it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday Dora had a job interview down the road from my work, so she stopped in to say hello. That was such a surprise and it was great to see her! We chit-chatted for a little bit and then she had to get going. I hope she’s able to make it to Josh’s happy hour after work on Friday so we can spend a little more time together before we leave.

Tuesday afternoon, kinda last minute, Mindy suggested going for pizza in town. It was the only night this week we didn’t have something going on, but at this point, who cares! I’m glad we got to go out with them, just the four of us, before we leave. It was lots of fun, as always! I’m sure going to miss them…Mindy has been a great friend since we met over three years ago when I started at R & H.

Last night I met Mindy and Linell for dinner at Applebee’s. (Yes, Applebee’s again! It’s about the only place to go in town!) We had a lot of fun catching up and talking baby stuff. Linell and her family got Squirt an ADORABLE outfit and a cute picture frame! After we shared dessert we all headed home. I got some packing done!!! Well, not much, but it’s a start. I packed up all of the little baby things we’ve accumulated so far.

Tonight is happy hour with my co-workers. I don’t know how many people will be there, but I know it will be fun! And Josh is going to come too!

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