Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Ultrasound

This was the shortest ultrasound I've ever had! I'll admit, it was a little disappointing since Josh was able to come along today. But, I know in the scheme of things it's not important!

Anyway, everything is still looking great!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Thanks to those who serve our country! RIP Sgt. Chad Allen and others who've given their lives!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

30 Weeks and Dr Appt

I cannot believe I am 30 weeks along! This little baby is about 15.7 inches long now and around 3 pounds - the size of a cabbage! (Definitely not as big as those cabbages we had from gma and gpa P. last year!)

I haven't had any real definite cravings with this pregnancy, but something strange has started. I found out at my last appt that my iron is low so I started taking an additional iron supplement. I thought it was because of my iron being low that I was wanting to eat meat all the time and Josh said, "Or you're craving it!" Duh! :-) So I guess I've been craving meat! I ordered a t-bone when we went for dinner for Kayleigh's benefit and everyone was laughing at me! I seriously don't think I've ever ordered one before!

In addition to my new craving, I've also been having a terrible time sleeping this week. I have been having a lot of dreams, which isn't unusual for me anyway, but they have been so vivid that when I wake up I can't get them out of my head. I can also hardly roll over in bed and can't get comfortable no matter which side I sleep on. (Not to mention that when I do roll over I lean across Josh and he's accidently hit me in the face countless times with his elbow!) All I want to do is sleep on my back! :-) That's not an option because it hurts my lower back and my feet go numb! Last night I slept with a small pillow between my knees and felt much better, so hopefully that'll do the trick. I know this pregnancy is a blessing so I feel like I have to say that don't mean to sound ungrateful by whining!

Tyler came with me to my appt with Dr S on Thursday morning. We got called in by a different nurse, who I learned was a medical assistant student helping out for the day. She took my weight (Tyler insists on having his done too!) and I lost another pound! No one seems concerned about this so I'm not either!

When she took us back to the room we met the regular nurse. I'm glad she was in there too because while the student was taking my blood pressure, Tyler climbed up on the table and laid down! So she was able to make sure he didn't fall off the table! :-) My blood pressure was 133/82 but Dr S wasn't concerned since it was good last week at the kidney dr and has been at home. I blamed Tyler climbing up on the table and she laughed! There was a trace of protein in my urine which didn't concern her either.

Like my other visits, Tyler got to help measure my uterus, which measured at 31 weeks instead of 30! He just loves helping out. He also gets to put the doppler on my belly and find Sprout's heartbeat. It's so much fun and I hope Josh will be able to come to one of these appointments so he can see it and maybe take a picture.

I now have all of my appts made up until July 14th! I will be going every other week until the middle of June, when I start going every week. My c-section date might change to the 13th or the 15th because of a Dr S' schedule. No big deal for Josh and I and she is in no hurry to set the date so that works for me! Starting with my next appt, I will be having a Non-Stress Test before each appt. It takes a half hour and if I remember correctly from when I was pregnant with Tyler they put a doppler on my belly to measure Sprout's heartbeat and maybe his movements too, I can't remember for sure! (surprise, surprise!)

My next ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday at 10:15. Hopefully Josh won't have to work and can come along!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kidney Doctor Update

Again, some great news! More reasons to feel blessed!

I met Dr. B today and was completely impressed. He talked in plain English, he let me talk, he listened. Let me tell you, the care I am receiving with this pregnancy is such a 180 from when we moved here when I was 7 months pregnant with Tyler!

After the rundown of the usual questions from the nurse, who was super nice, she took my blood pressure. 122/75. Works for me! Then Dr. B came in and asked a few routine questions. We also talked about what happened with my pregnancy with Tyler. Basically, Dr. B was happy that my ob, Dr. S, had me see him, but didn't see any reason for alarm at this point. He said any "normal" person could have 240 grams of protein in their urine on any given day. I asked him how many grams of protein I had when they delivered Tyler early and he said it was 13,000 grams! Yikes! He told me that since my blood pressure is under control he doesn't think I'm developing preeclampsia at this point. It is most likely just how the pregnancy is effecting my body. If my blood pressure goes up and so does the protein we'll have to talk about going on bed rest, which I knew would happen.

I have an appointment to see him in November after the baby is here so we can do some tests that we can't do now and make sure there is no damage. At that point he asked me if we planned on having more kids. I told him no, Josh and I had decided that it is too dangerous for me to be pregnant. He agreed and when I told him I'd go back on birth control since I have PCOS, he reminded me that the pill can also elevate my blood pressure. SO, I am considering having my tubes tied while they already have me cut open for the c-section so I don't have to worry about birth control...Josh and I have to talk more about that soon...

So not a whole lot of new news, just more reassuring that things are going well! :-)
(Insert deep breath here!)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Three hour glucose test

The results are in . . .

After an almost relaxing 3 hours spent reading at the lab today, I have good news! My doctor's nurse called around 4:00 today and I DO NOT have gestational diabetes!

YAY ME! :-) One test down, one to go. (Kidney Dr Wednesday at 3:00)

Yesterday marked the 28th week of my pregnancy! Only 83 days to go! :-) Sprout now weighs 2.4 pounds according to my last ultrasound. That's about the size of a Chinese cabbage, with his length around 15 inches, so says! Below is a picture of what he might look like in the womb. Of course our little Sprout had his head up and feet down during my ultrasound earlier this week, which explains those strong kicks to my bladder!

Another exciting thing JUST happened! Daddy finally got to feel Sprout giving me a good kick! I love the smile on his face when it goes all the up to his eyes...he's so handsome! :-) Still makes my heart skip a beat after almost 10 years! (Gag me, I know!) I can't wait to see what Tyler does when he finally gets to feel a kick!