Friday, May 01, 2009

Three hour glucose test

The results are in . . .

After an almost relaxing 3 hours spent reading at the lab today, I have good news! My doctor's nurse called around 4:00 today and I DO NOT have gestational diabetes!

YAY ME! :-) One test down, one to go. (Kidney Dr Wednesday at 3:00)

Yesterday marked the 28th week of my pregnancy! Only 83 days to go! :-) Sprout now weighs 2.4 pounds according to my last ultrasound. That's about the size of a Chinese cabbage, with his length around 15 inches, so says! Below is a picture of what he might look like in the womb. Of course our little Sprout had his head up and feet down during my ultrasound earlier this week, which explains those strong kicks to my bladder!

Another exciting thing JUST happened! Daddy finally got to feel Sprout giving me a good kick! I love the smile on his face when it goes all the up to his eyes...he's so handsome! :-) Still makes my heart skip a beat after almost 10 years! (Gag me, I know!) I can't wait to see what Tyler does when he finally gets to feel a kick!

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Erin Bennett said...

Yay for no GD!!! That's awesome. :)