Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tyler's 2nd Birthday!

Happy 2nd Birthday little man! We had two birthday parties this year. One up north with Josh's family over July 4th weekend and the other at our house with my family on the day of his birthday. Both were lots of fun and Tyler had a blast. It was so fun now that he had an idea that it was a special day!

Some pics from his "Up North" party at Auntie Ashlee and Uncle Adam's house:

And some pics from our house on his birthday:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Where does summer go?!

We've been doing so many exciting things this summer, I guess I haven't taken the time to post.

Just so you know I'm still here, I'm sharing a pic of my first harvest of the summer! :-) Two red peppers and two cherry tomatoes. If you want to call them cherry tomatoes...they are huge! I have about a dozen more on the plant and about 5 regular tomatoes on the other plant.

That's a soup spoon to show the size...I wasn't feeling very creative when I was looking for something to compare them to!