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December 9-11, 2005

December 9, 2005

We got to my mom and dad’s house around 8:30 tonight. Josh and I had it all planned out how we’d tell them our exciting news. However, I wanted to walk in the door and tell them, but Josh wanted to unpack and wait a little bit before we said anything. Of course he won that argument, so my stomach was tied into knots as we chi-chatted with my parents. At one point mom even said to me, “Why are you smirking?” I said, “I’m not!”

A little while later the four of us were sitting in the living room and I kept trying to get Josh’s attention without any luck. Actually, I think he was ignoring me on purpose just to make me wait! So I finally said, “Oh yeah! We have an early Christmas present for you guys!” I caught Josh’s eye as I walked out of the room to go to the suit case and shot a look at him like, “HA! I’m not waiting any longer!”

I came back pretty quickly with their little gift, handed it to mom and then sat down by Josh. This is what we gave them:

Mom opened it and her jaw dropped! She said something along the lines of, “You’re going to have a baby?!” My poor dad was like, “WHAT?!” Then mom finally handed him the picture frame and he read it. We all got teary eyed and hugged each other. It all happened so fast I wish that Josh would have let me video tape it so I could remember every moment. To celebrate, mom, dad and Josh had a glass of cream rum we had brought back from Jamaica. It was lots of fun and very memorable…they’re SOOOO happy for us!

And now we get to tell the rest of the family tomorrow…we have picture frames for our grandparents too. Since no one knew we were trying they’re all going to be really surprised!

December 10, 2005

Today was full of nerves and excitement! I don’t think I’ve ever felt as much anticipation and butterflies in my stomach as I did today!

Our first task of the day was to orchestrate our schedule so we could see both sets of my grandparents, Josh’s parents and grandparents and fit in some phone calls to aunts and uncles somewhere in between. That wasn’t easy since it was last minute so we could surprise them! I called G-pa Wally first and he said that G-ma Viv had a hair appointment at 10:00. I asked if it was ok if Josh and I came over around 9:00 and he said of course! G-ma Alice likes to sleep in so I didn’t really want to call there at 8:00, but I did anyway! G-pa John said she was still in bed (surprise, surprise!) and they were going to run to town to the grocery store as soon as she got up. Well, I made him wake her up and make a breakfast date at the local café for 10:15. PERFECT! In the mean time my Auntie Diane (yes, I still call all my Aunts Auntie!) called to talk to my mom, so of course my mom handed me the phone and told me to tell her. Not before she ran to the other phone to listen in though! She was very excited for us!

After I got off the phone we went to G-ma Viv and G-pa Wally’s house. We also told them we had an early Christmas present for them and gave G-ma the frame to open. She got all excited and said, “Alright! Two great-grandbabies in one year!” (My cousin Jodi is due April 7th!) Then she stopped. She said, “But this says August 11, 2005…is this a joke?!” HOW DID I SCREW THAT UP?! I said, “It’s no joke, just bad proofreading!” They were so happy, G-pa even cried, so I of course did too!

Then we were on our way to Dave’s Café to meet g-ma Alice, g-pa John, Brooke, Brad and Auntie Diane. When everyone was almost done eating I gave G-ma and G-pa their frame. G-ma whispered to me, “I think I know what it is…is it Mugsey?” I felt so bad…Mugsey was my dog that G-ma and G-pa sorta took custody of when I left for school. We had to put him down this year. I just whispered back, “No, it’s not Mugsey, but you’ll like it.” They were shocked and very excited when they read the frame too! Brooke was sitting across the table from us looking confused and I said, “Josh and I are going to have a baby!” She got a little teared up and got up to give me a big hug! It was cool and I’m glad we were able to get everyone there for that!

On our hour drive from my hometown to Josh’s hometown I was on the cell phone most of the way calling the rest of my family. My Uncle Johnny really surprised me when he asked if we were going to find out the sex. I said we wanted to and he said, “Life has few really big surprises and that is one of them.” I was caught off guard with that! Still, I’m too much of a planner to not find out! My Auntie Laurie was really excited as well and she said she’d call my cousins to let them know too.

Now it was Josh’s turn to be on the phone, but it wasn’t very long! He only wanted to make one call and that was to his sister, Ashlee. I think this was the best call of them all! Josh said, “Asherly (that’s what he used to call her when he was little), you’re going to be an Auntie!” All of a sudden I heard her scream through the cell phone, “SHUT UP!” and then, “OH MY GOSH!” It was so cool! She was so excited! She said she just told her co-workers the other day that we needed to have a baby soon! Boy, did she call that one or what?! After all of our calls and all that excitement I dozed off in the truck until we got to Josh’s hometown.

We went right to his G-ma and G-pa’s house when we got into town. They were so happy, as usual, to see us and we had a great visit. When we gave them their frame G-ma Adeline said she wanted to put it close to her heart and started to put it under her shirt! (It was funny and cute!) She was so happy and excited for us! When she showed G-pa Jim he read it and said, “Oh good. So did you hear about the new business coming into town?” LoL…that’s typical for G-pa and we both laughed!

Next stop was Josh’s mom and step-dad’s house. Jacki (his mom) was going to make us lunch…delicious BLT’s by the way! Jim (his step-dad) was at work so it was the three of us and my brother-in-law, Dan. We had all just started eating and Josh got up and gave the picture frame to his mom. She said, “What’s this?!” Josh said, “An early Christmas present.” When she tore the paper off it was upside down and she was excited that it was a picture frame. Then she turned it over, read the insert, looked at us, and said, “No way!” She handed it to Dan as she got up to give us hugs. All Dan could say was, “Wow.” They were both pretty surprised, but excited. I’m pretty sure that Dan wasn’t far from tears…it was really sweet. We had a good laugh when Josh told Jacki that Ash and G-ma and G-pa knew before she did!

We hung out with them for a couple hours and then headed up to Karol and Jerry’s house for our annual Thanksmas party with our friends. I couldn’t wait to get there and tell the last bunch of people our news. By now I had so much excitement for the day I just wanted to get it over with! I had read online somewhere that someone told their family they were pregnant by non-chalantly refusing a glass of wine by saying, “No thanks, I’m pregnant!” I thought that was really cool and we decided if the opportunity came up I’d say that! Well, it didn’t, but something else happened! Shortly after we got there Josh was holding Karol and Jerry’s daughter, Kaylie, and she spit up on him. With my weak stomach I jumped up to get away from him and I started gagging. Either Karol or Meghan said, “Alissa, what are you going to do when you have your own kids?” I looked around for a second to see if everyone was in the room (which I thought they were!) and said, “Well, I guess we’ll find out in August!” There was a couple seconds of silence and then a lot of excitement. The girls and McG ran over to give hugs and congratulations to us as I realized that Rayn, a close friend for over 13 years, wasn’t in the room! He was upstairs tending to the turkey with Brooke! OH NO! I felt terrible, so I went upstairs to tell him I thought he was in the room and that I had so much excitement today that I just wanted to get it over with and relax. I’m glad he was upstairs with Brooke and she already knew because she said he looked at her and said, “What?! Alissa’s pregnant?!” After we got all that cleared up we all chit-chatted and I filled them in on all the details. It was a really fun night, even without getting loaded like everyone else did! :-) I went to bed around midnight and I got woke up about 3:00 am by Rayn, who was still in shock that I was pregnant! We stayed up until almost 7:00 am talking about it…I think he was just mad because he wasn’t the first to know!

December 11, 2005

I really suffered from my lack of sleep today. I could hardly choke down breakfast and when we finally left Karol and Jerry’s mid-afternoon, we still had more stops to make before we could head back to MN. The first was at June’s house! I think I woke up in her driveway, went in, gave her a picture frame and a big hug and then got back in the truck and went to sleep again! She was the only other person to notice my year error, but she didn't say anything until we did!

We picked Scooby up at my mom and dad’s house and then got back on the road to MN! What a long, exciting weekend!! It couldn’t have been better!

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