Monday, January 16, 2006

Testing, Testing

Just got off the phone with Blue Cross Blue Sheild, my insurance company. I was supposed to call them before my next appointment (February 1st) to see if the genetic testing for cystic fibrosis is covered by them. I was just told that it is not. I guess that's all I can do because we are not paying $450 to have it done. It scares me a little bit because a good family friend has a daughter that was born with it and neither family knew they were carriers of the CF gene. It's hard for them, but they are doing well. So I know it's possible to make it work if something does happen. They were an inspiration to have the testing done, but also are an inspiration to cope with whatever comes our way.

However, on the plus side, I did find out that the test for downs syndrome, MSAFP, is covered. I think they will be doing that one soon. I'll have to look at my literature from the doctor's office tonight.

Also, I had a message on our answering machine on Friday from my doctor's office saying that all of my recent lab work came back normal and looks good! YAY! I know they tested my pee cuz I had to do a 24 urine sample (FUN!) to make sure my kidney function is up to par (because of my prehypertension). I'm pretty sure she tested my iron and calcium levels too. I wonder why they don't send those good old post cards like they used to! LoL...cuz I don't even know what else they tested! I'm just glad it's all normal!

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