Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Birthday Party?!

I'm listening to the Today Show on my tv band radio at work right now. (I love that thing...it's great entertainment to get me through the work day.)

So anyway, they're talking about birthday parties, as in ON THE DAY OF THE BIRTH! Inviting family and friends into the delivery room as you give birth to your child! The kid comes out and everyone bursts into song, "Happy birthday dear baby..."

Are these people for real?! I can't even believe this! Not for a minute would I even consider having my own parents in the room, let alone my uncle Bob and friend Jane. I think that is a private time for the mother and father to see their baby for the first time and bond. And what if there is a complication? The nurses have to take precious seconds to clear the party hats and birthday cake out of the room? I'm puzzled as to why anyone would want to see that anyway! I know, it's a beautiful miracle of life, but that's ME the kid is coming out of and I'd like to keep that to myself and my hubby, thank you very much!

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