Thursday, January 05, 2006

December 13-14, 2005

December 13, 2005

I'm feeling really good this morning! Much better than yesterday, but I was proud I lasted the day yesterday! :-)

We went to dinner with Fred (Josh's co-worker) last night when they got home. He bought us dinner cuz Josh told him we were expecting. He wanted him to know so he didn't have to keep whispering to me in the phone. Fred said he had a pretty good idea that's what was going on because Josh keeps calling me to see how I'm feeling!

We got home about 7:00 and got right on the phone to call the rest of my dad's side of the familly. I called Auntie Kathy, Jodi and Aunt Carol last night. All were very excited. Aunt Carol is happy for us, but I can tell it's a little difficult for her to swallow. I understand that tho since her two daughters are unable to have kids due to endometriosis. When I called Auntie Kathy I said Josh and I had some news and she started screeching! was cute...she's really excited and said I'd better call Jodi! I told her I was going to as soon as I got off the phone! :-) It was funny...she asked how I was feeling and I said CRAPPY! Teeheehee... Then I called Jodi and we chatted about the shower and other stuff and I asked her when she was due. She said April 7th and I said, "Josh's cousin is due March 17th and I'm due August 11th!" She was like, "WHAT?! OMG! YOU'RE PREGNANT TOO?!" She was so excited! It was FUN! :-D She was jealous that we get to have an ultrasound on Jan 4th and another one at 20 weeks. Then she told me about hearing the heartbeat the first time and she kept giggling....and that Beau said she laughs so much that Aiden is going to think that everything is always moving. Then she said our baby was going to think that even more than theirs! LoL...

I went to bed around 8 or 8:30...and slept all night except when I had to pee. I never pee at night...this better not be starting already! LoL...

December 14, 2005

It took me 1.5 hours to get to work in the snow this morning and I almost pissed my pants! I RAN into the building and straight to the bathroom when I got here! Next time I know to just stop at a gas station...naughty! :-)

Oh yeah, I also barfed at work this morning...what fun, what fun, especially when you're trying to hide it from your co-workers!

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