Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm 12 Weeks Today!!

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. It seems like just yesterday we were at our first doctor appointment, learning that I’d be at the end of my first trimester by the time we went to Arizona on February 3rd. Next Wednesday, February 1st, will be my first day of the second trimester! Please pray for no more morning sickness! (HOPEFULLY!!)

The comparison food of the week?! A LIME! The baby is now 2 inches long and weighs .5 oz! BabyCenter said his/her ears are now in their final positions on the head and the eyes (which started on the sides of the head!) have now moved closer together on his/her face. The intestines are moving into the abdominal cavity (from the umbilical cord!) and the kidneys are secreting urine into the bladder! The coolest part is they said the baby is getting better reflexes now so he/she will move if we push on my abdomen! But I won’t be able to feel it for another month or so though.

I think I’ve already started to get a little 2nd trimester heartburn! OH JOY! I’m taking Zantac and I’m STILL getting it! Monday I had half of a spicy chicken sandwich and couldn’t eat any more cuz I had terrible heart burn! And it happened again last night when we ate pizza, so here we go I guess! :-)

I’m still finding a few (not many!) food aversions. Tuesday night Josh made grilled cheese sandwiches and baked beans to go with it. I had a few bites of the beans and couldn’t eat them because I almost threw up! Guess I’ll add that to my list of things to avoid along with eggs!

Another side effect I’ve been dealing with is a stuffy nose during the night and in the morning. I washed all of our pillows, sheets, etc. and I was still miserable this morning, so I decided I’ll just have to deal with it! The worst part isn’t waking up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my terribly dry mouth cuz I can’t breathe out of my nose…it’s that when I get up I have a lot of drainage in the back of my throat that makes me gag! It’s been a while (that I can remember) that it actually made me throw up, so I can deal with it! I’ve also had about 3 bloody noses, which I read can also be a side effect of pregnancy. Or our dry house, so who knows!

OH WELL! I keep telling myself it could definitely be worse! And will all be worth it in the end!!!!!


Erin Bennett said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because it's been a while (obviously) since I've looked at yours. How fun for you!
Good news: My morning sickness was gone by week 13.
Bad news: Heart burn and constant congestion have been here since week 13.
Cure what ails you: Tums are my best friend. I had no luck with Zantac. And I've finally gotten over my aversion to the chalkiness. Sudafed works for me during the day but keeps me up at night, so I have been sleeping with breathe right strips. It's a great relief.
By the way, I've been catching up on this whole site...Old Navy might be another place to check for plus size maternity clothes. Unfortunately, you have to shop online, but they have reasonable shipping costs and you can return things to any Old Navy store.
Time certainly does fly--I can't believe how quickly my pregnancy has gone!
As for your comment on my site, I'm with you. On after Thanksgiving, off by New Year's Day!
Take care of yourself. Your body will thank you when month 9 comes around. :)

Mark said...

Yeah, you might want to give the spicy foods a break for a bit if you're having a lot of hearburn. My wife had morning sickness signs for the entire 9 months and heartburn the whole time as well.

The only thing that didn't make her sick was Tuna Helper. I ate so much of it that I can hardly stand the smell of it anymore.

Erin Bennett said...

By the way, another fun website is They have an icon on the right side that says "fetal development" that has descriptions and pictures of what is happening every week.

MrsGiggles said...

Hi Erin! Glad you stopped by!
Thank you for the encouraging news about the morning sickness! I’m hoping I’ll be in the same boat! I’m sorry you have the congestion too, but I’m glad to hear that it’s not in my head and I’m not getting another head cold! :-) I think I’ll pick up some of those breathe right strips, but I can’t take the Sudafed because of the prehypertension. SO…I’ll wear a breathe right during the day too! Hahaha…just kidding! :-) Thank you VERY much for the suggestion of Old Navy, I never even thought of that! Thanks for suggesting the web site, I’ll have to check that out! As though I need to read any more! ;-) I’ll take care and you do the same! Good luck with your last few weeks!

Mark – I can’t stop laughing (go figure) at your profile pic! Anyway…thanks for all the tips. I’ve decided that anything red needs to be very moderated and spicy stuff is out of the question cuz it’s just not worth it! And I didn’t need to know she was sick for 9 months! :-) Yikes, that had to be terrible…for both of you! I can’t imagine eating that all the time for that long! Thanks again for the advice!