Thursday, January 05, 2006

Our first ultrasound!

Josh and I had our first ultrasound yesterday afternoon! It was SO AMAZING! I'm 9 weeks now so we weren't sure what would show up since the baby is still so little. (About the size of a small grape! Teeheehee!) But because it was a pelvic ultrasound we could see everything! His/her little head, arms and legs! It was INCREDIBLE when the a little human showed up on the monitor...made it very real! I, of course, shed a few tears! We were able to hear the heart beat, which was 178, and were even able to see it beating on the monitor. It sounded like a really fast whooshing sound and looked like a little wavy area in his/her chest. Hahaha...I keep typing his/her, but I feel, for some reason, that it's a boy. Hopefully we can find that out in the beginning of April! Oh, I also have borderline high blood pressure so after our ultrasound at 20 weeks I will be having one every 6 weeks to monitor the baby. The doctor said we shouldn't worry because people in my situation usually have no problems.

Here is one of the pictures!!! (I'm pointing at the head.) From there you can see a little arm and can kinda see legs! The doctor and ultrasound tech said everything looks normal and healthy. By the measurements the baby is growing the way it is supposed to and is 9 weeks old. The computer calculations changed my due date from August 11 to August 9, 2006. Fine by me! :-)

So, I was finally able to tell my coworkers our news today! We made miniature onesies that I stamped “Baby” on the front of. On the inside I wrote, “The P-------’s are expecting! Baby is due August 9, 2006!” They were all very excited. No one guessed like I thought they would! I figured everyone was on to me cuz I was sick...but then again there were a few other people were sick at the same time, so they didn't catch on! The only person that was on to me was Judy because she busted me one day at the book store in the “Pregnancy and Parenting” section and I panicked! It was a lot of fun sharing our news and knowing I don’t have to keep a secret anymore!

I can’t stop looking at the ultrasound pictures!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO REAL NOW! I'M SO HAPPY!

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