Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Update: The Move

Our going away parties for work were both a lot of fun! The Thursday night before we left for WI we met a bunch of my co-workers at Green Mill and then Friday night we met Josh’s co-workers at Jake’s. We’re both very lucky to have had such awesome jobs and great co-workers! I know Josh had a tough time leaving work on Friday and I did too. They had a “meeting” that afternoon for me at work and I started crying as soon as I walked into the conference room! (Go figure!) We all ate ice cream cake (YUM!) and they gave me two cards signed by the whole office. The first one was a “Good Bye” card and the second was a card for the “mom to be.” Everyone in the office pitched in to get us a $200 gift card from Target for baby stuff! Awesome, huh?! Josh’s buddies at work pitched in and got him a $100 gift certificate for Cabela’s too! They were both pleasant surprises!

The move back to WI went great...we moved a lot more than Josh and I had planned on doing because my mom and dad were able to come over and they brought dad's truck and trailer. We pretty much moved everything except furniture. There’s nothing left in the kitchen cupboards and I’m so glad that’s done cuz that’s the worst room to do!

When we got home my Uncle Randy came over to my parents house to help unload everything. Now not only do we have stuff in half of mom and dad's garage but we have stuff in their shed too! But we're all settled in our one room apartment so I guess that's all that matters! :-) It’s hard saying, “I have no idea where it is” about everything, but that’s not important right now. We’re just lucky to have a place to stay for free and not be paying rent on top of a house payment!

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