Monday, July 10, 2006

Well, Hello Tyler

Hi everyone! It's Alissa's friend, June. She asked me to make a quick post to let you all know what has been happening. It was a very exciting weekend.

Tyler Joshua was born July 9th at 4.36 in the afternoon. The little guy weighs 6 pounds and is 19 inches long.

He was so excited to meet mom and dad, that he decided to come a month early.

Both Alissa and Tyler are doing well.

I will let Alissa fill you in on all the details when she is feeling up to it, but I thought I would give you all the first of many pictures that I imagine we will be seeing.


Kerry said...

Hello Tyler! Welcome to the world. Hope your stay in the hospital is quick so you can get on to bigger and better things at home with your mommy and daddy!


Erin Bennett said...

Oh my gosh! How exciting! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear all about it. SO happy for you guys! :)

Kerry said...

Just checking in to see how things are going!