Monday, November 26, 2007

Fat Lip **Updated**

Tyler and I didn't have the best start to our day!
He was playing in the living room with his toys and he tripped and fell right on his sippy cup. :-( It bled a lot right away and we were both pretty scared. First I took him into the bathroom to get a look and clean him up, but that was a bad idea when he looked in the mirror and saw the blood running down his face. (DUH!) So I grabbed a washcloth, took him in the kitchen and put him on the counter next to the sink. I basically just hugged him until he stopped crying and tried to wipe up the blood. He wouldn't (and still won't) let me look at it or put cold on it. I've just been giving him cold water to drink. I hope his teeth are ok! Poor little man...

**No tooth damage, the whole inside of his lip from the middle all the way to the corner is black and blue inside. But he's eating and playing and is happy so that's good! It's still puffy though and I think he looks like one of the Simpsons!**

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