Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, Tyler had his first visit with Santa at the mall last night. There was no talking going on...mainly screaming! :-) Poor kid, we've probably scarred him for life. Santa even had me sit down next to him on a stool with Tyler on my lap so they could talk and Tyler would only peek at him. It was pretty cute once he calmed down though. Santa asked him if he liked trucks and trains and even gave Tyler a little coloring book. Of course, Tyler wouldn't take it from him but when I did he took it from me! It was fun! (for mom and dad anyway!)

After we saw Santa we had dinner and then went to the live nativity at the church down the road from us. There were guards that met us at the entrance of the path and an inn and innkeeper that said, "No room in the inn." There were shepards and sheep and goats after that. The next stop was the manger scene with Mary and Joseph and (fake) baby. There was a camel near Mary and Joseph. (can you rent camels?!) Ty wasn't too thrilled about the camel...he wanted to pet it with his mitten on but when we took it off he wanted nothing to do with it!

The three of us had a great night and I'm glad to finally spend some time with my family!