Sunday, March 22, 2009

22 Weeks

The baby is now a spaghetti squash. Well, not acutally a spaghetti squash, but you know! He's 11 inches, about one pound and is even starting to look like a newborn baby!

I think this pregnancy is finally beginning to feel real. Now that the baby is getting bigger I'm feeling a lot more movement (which I love!) and it's a huge relief. My belly has been doing a lot of stretching the past few days and I've been a little bit sore. I swear that in the last two days I can SEE the difference in the size of my belly! I'm also getting itchy, which I suppose is another good sign of growth!

Daddy and I finally decided that we are going to give Tyler's baby bedding to the new little boy and give Tyler a new room in what is now our office. We went back and forth on what to do for a long time so it's nice to have finally come to a decision! Tyler is very excited for the move and can't wait to have his "truck" room. I've been searching on eBay to find a deal on new bedding and we plan on painting his new room with the top part of the walls blue and the bottom green with a "road" between the two colors so we can put truck and car decals on it. (I'll definitely post pictures!) We plan on getting a start on that soon so he has enough time to transition and get settled in before we bring home the little one that's going to turn his world upside down! :-)

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