Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it possible?!

Can I really be almost 7 months along?! WOW! I have no idea where the time went, but it's just flying by!

I had ultrasound #6 on Monday and everything is still looking great. They gave Sprout his first "test" and he scored an 8/8! He weighs approximately 2.4 pounds and I'm measuring a week ahead of schedule. I'm positive my baby bump is bigger now than when I delivered Tyler at 35 weeks! It's really amazing how different this pregnancy has been. When people ask how I'm feeling I can finally say, "good" and mean it! :-)

On Tuesday I had a check up with Dr. S and she said everything is looking great. (I'm going every other week now and calling in my blood pressure the weeks I don't see her.) My blood pressure was up at my last appointment but this time it was 114/70! It's been very low at home also, so we are hoping this is a good sign and I'm going to go full term! We also scheduled a c-section for July 16th. Things are falling into place! We'll keep praying this baby keeps cooking as long as he's supposed to! :-)

Josh and I finally decided about a month ago to give Tyler a new "big boy room" instead of buying new baby bedding, etc. His new room is going to be what is now our office so we have to get everything cleaned out of there so we can paint and get him in there before the baby comes and he has two things to adjust to! We have twin mattresses from one of his co-workers so we just have to get a frame and headboard. His new theme is planes, trains and trucks and we've already found some cute stuff to decorate! We're going to paint a blue sky on the top of the walls and green on the bottom. Where the blue and green meet we're going to make the green look like hills. (LoL...does any of that make sense?!) We have trucks and trains to put on the hills so I'm hoping it turns out cute! I'll definitely post some pictures! :-)

BTW - Tyler just told me he has whiskers cuz he forgot to shave today! I swear, you just never know what they are going to say!!!


nancyb said...

You didn't tell us what vegetable he is now! lol

Erin Bennett said...

I love that Tyler has whiskers. :) Jack usually has the same ailments that I do--heartburn mostly. And he tells me his baby is kicking him. :)