Friday, October 15, 2010

Are You Prepared to Make an Informed Decision?

Voting is such an important right that we have as Americans!  I am not prepared to (nor do I want to) use my blog as a sounding board for my political views.  However, I do believe that voters need to make informed choices no matter what your views are!  We cannot go by what we see on commercials or how many of one certain candidates signs are in our neighbors' yards. 

I know, we're all sick of the political ads on television.  The bashing of the competition.  The constant "he said, she said."  Distracting signs littered across fields, in yards and in front of businesses.  But what does it all REALLY MEAN?  It's a lot to sort through!  Every citizen that is able to vote needs to take the time to research candidates to see exactly where they stand on the issues, not where their opponents say they stand.

For my readers in Wisconsin, here is a helpful website that is run by Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television.

Need more information on how and where to vote?  See below!
I don't know where to go.  Am I registered?  I don't know what to do!  Check out this EASY to use website - just enter you name and birth date to find out if you are registered and where you need to go to vote.

I know I'm not registered and I don't know where to go or what to bring.  You CAN register on election day at your polling place!  To find out where your polling place is, click here to visit the Government Accountability Board website.  Click here to see How to Register and Vote on Election Day, which tells you exactly what you need to bring with you. 


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