Sunday, February 18, 2007

He did it!

Tyler rolled over from his back to his tummy today!

He's been already doing tummy to back since about Thanksgiving, but he never had an interest in going the other way because he hates his tummy. He's been practicing and getting close for quite a while now and this afternoon he did it! The things a baby will do for his toys! And he even stayed on his tummy for a little bit to play! It was a great moment!

I just finished rolling over to get closer to my keys!

Jackpot! This is just what I wanted! Did I do something special?!


Kerry said...

He's so cute!

Zachary knows how to roll from his back to his belly but he will NOT do it anymore. He was that way with the belly to back too...and now he will lay on his belly for a while then flip onto his back, since he too hates to be on his belly for any length of time.

Is Tyler sitting up by himself? That is Zachary's absolute favorite thing in the to nursing and eating that is! :)

MrsGiggles said...

LoL...that is so cute! I never thought I'd see Tyler play on his tummy but now he does it all the time. He even fell asleep playing on his tummy the other day. And last night in his crib he rolled over to his tummy. Today during his nap he was laying on his side. It's so weird seeing him sleep in different positions!

As for sitting up...not quite yet. He's getting there though!