Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our trip to Minnesota

It had been 3 months since we had seen Mindy and Ron. But since we saw them on our trip to Florida without Tyler it had been 7 months since they had seen Tyler.
On Friday we took my wedding ring to Shane Co so it could be sized. Kudos to them for having it ready on Sunday afternoon so we didn't have to ship it. I seriously love that place and have been treated so great by them over the years. Then we went to the Twins Pro Shop in Minnetonka (?) to get our game tickets for Saturday. Mindy bought Tyler a Twins hat because he was wearing his Packers hat and she just couldn't stand it! ;-) Then we walked over to Eddington's for lunch...omg, I miss that place. Yum! Our next stop was the Como Zoo. We loved it...it was just the right size that by the time Tyler had enough we had seen everything.

Saturday morning we visited an old co-worker and her family before heading to the Dome for the Twins game. It was Tyler's first game and he loved it! He did so good we were able to stay until the 8th inning.

After the game we went to our fave Thai restaurant in Osseo. PAD THAI = DELISH!

I really missed being in the cities until we got stuck in traffic on the way home from the zoo. I love visiting there tho and I really miss our friends. And all the fun stuff to do. But I know we'll be back for more visits and there will always be fun things waiting for us that we didn't explore in the almost 5 years we lived there.

Speaking of living there, we didn't even drive thru our old neighborhood this time. The main road to get there was closed and we never got around to going. Kinda wish we'd have checked it out, but maybe it's time to move on. Does anyone else drive by their old/first homes?

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