Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy (belated) Halloween!!

Things are getting more and more interesting and entertaining as Tyler gets older. Last year we took him trick-or-treating to my parents and grandparents houses and a couple friends. He pretty much didn't know what the deal was and we ate most of his candy. This year was completely different and it makes me so excited for Christmas! Tyler dressed as Clifford the Big Red Dog, which is one of his fave shows/books. He totally hammed it up telling everyone "Happy Halloween" and saying "trick or treat"! We stuck to going to one of the neighbors houses, an old folks home and family again but next year I think we will all be ready to take a tour around the neighborhood!

After we were done my Aunt came over to watch Tyler for us so the big kids could dress up and go out! What a blast!! Josh and I dressed up Gothic. All of our friends dressed up too and all the costumes were awesome! Dawn even won 1st Place in a costume contest at one of the bars we went to! (She's the fairy on the far right in the bottom pic)

We all had a great Halloween this year and I hope you all did too!


Kerry said...

Tyler looked adorable! Glad Mama and Daddy got some time out to have fun too :)

Alissa said...

Thanks! I looove Halloween! :-)