Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bad Luck!

Well, after my migraine on Monday I ended up with another one on Tuesday. Yuck! It was no where near as bad though, so that was good. Then on Wednesday I was bending over to pick up Tyler's laundry and my back went out. I ended up in the ER that night and I'm still laid up! Could be for another week! This is so frustrating...I guess I'll never do laundry again cuz it's too dangerous! :-)

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Kristin said...

I was reading your post on the helmet. We had one too, and it was the best thing EVER. The way I see it is.. a few months of the stinky smelly inconvenience for a lifetime of difference. It wasn't anything I knew about either, but it was worth it. Although you had a much different way of getting the mold done than we did. They just used a scanning device, much like an MRI tube (the top wasn't covered though) and it scanned the shape of her head and whamo, shape taken and helmet made 2 weeks later.

There are some pics at
if you want to see.

Good luck with it!