Thursday, March 22, 2007


So things have been busy at our house!

Tyler has started's crazy! He's doing what we call the Army crawl. You know, on the belly using his forearms to pull himself forward. It's dang cute. Along with that comes frustration of getting tired, getting stuck in the corner, etc. Quite humorous to watch, really. It's great to come to his rescue when he's frustrated and he looks up at me and puts one arm up like he's saying, "HELP!" :-) Talk about an awesome feeling to be needed like that. It's just amazing. As far as baby-proofing...we need to get to that. So far it's been fine because we have a sunken living room so that confines him...for now! I know some day he will figure out the step but until then, there's nothing in there that will harm him.

And his little toofers are coming in...I SWEAR IT! Ok, so last week I was grocery shopping with Tyler and I could have sworn I saw a tooth in his mouth and I got all excited and all these people were listening and smiling and it was so cool! THEN...when we got home I stuck my finger in his mouth. NOTHING! It must have been a shiny spit bubble or something! I was a little disappointed! Well this week has been very rough. He's been crabbing all the time and constantly wants his mommy or daddy or anyone who's around. He's also figured out that HEY - I don't HAVE to open my mouth! Urgh...what a little character! So today it took him crying for me to be able to finally stick my finger in his mouth. Now...I'm dang sure I felt something poke me when I ran my fingers over his bottom gums! I'll bet there is something there very soon. This is all so exciting!

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