Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's in!

Tyler's first tooth is poking through! It's the first one in the middle on the bottom right. When we got up on Friday morning daddy was changing Tyler and he kept saying, "I see a toofer!" It was so cool...very exciting! It's still not completely out yet, but it's getting there. He's been a very fussy boy and doesn't seem to want the cold wash cloth or teething ring to chew on. He'll chew on his link-a-doo's and that's about it! Oh, and our fingers, of course!

On a different note, I had to call in sick to work last night. (In case I haven't mentioned it before, I'm working at Shopko Sunday through Wednesday, 6-10pm to get out and make a little cash.) My mom, Tyler and I went shopping for a baby shower gift and on the way home I got really nauseous. A few minutes later a migraine hit. Thank goodness mom was able to stay with Tyler so I could lay down. I slept from about 3:00 until 5:00. I felt better in the evening as far as the nausea, but still had a headache. Josh and I ate our dinner outside since it was so nice out. We took Tyler's exersaucer out and he played in that. It was fun and I miss dinner with my boys when I'm working!! It's tough, that's for sure.

After we ate Josh was carrying Tyler around the yard and they found a piece of a newspaper. Rather than picking it up, Josh was kicking it as they walked toward the house. Tyler was laughing and laughing and laughing!! So we had to get the video camera out and catch that on tape! :-)

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