Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, the camping season is off to a great start! We were nervous to see what Tyler was going to do in his Pack N Play since he's been close to climbin out for a while now. The first weekend we went to the camper (my parents have a permanent site at a campground.) he climbed out! He ended up sleeping with me on a twin bunk bed until he was asleep and then we put him back in his Pack N Play. The next morning Josh caught him as he was escaping!

Needless to say, we knew we had to figure something else out so he doesn't hurt himself. My mom found this kiddie couch that folds out to a bed that even has a sleeping bag that zips to the foam. It was a HUGE hit with Tyler and things went good last weekend! For the most part he stays on the bed. During one nap we peeked in and found him on the floor, but we have removed everything from the room so that he is safe. It is going a lot better than any of us anticipated!

As for home, the Monday after the first weekend that he crawled out of the Pack N Play he crawled out of his crib after his nap. But that has been the only escape so I am planning on keeping him in the crib...for now. I thought he was no where near ready for a big boy bed but I guess I could be wrong! Definitely wouldn't be the first time when it comes to this parenting thing! :-)

And we also ALMOST made it to the potty to poop last weekend. But by the time mommy got the pants pulled down and the shirt out of the way he was done. :-( I'm just glad I didn't rip the diaper off without checking it first!

And isn't this the CUTEST bench?! My mom picked it up for by the camp fire...he just loves it! He even lays down on it and crosses his feet. I have to catch him in that pose, but here's a pic of the bench.

Have a great Memorial Day everyone!

Thank you to our service men and women.

Freedom is NOT free!!

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