Thursday, June 11, 2009

34 Weeks

This morning's dr appt went great! Blood pressure was 106/70 something...Amazing! :-) No protein in my urine either! Dr. S. was really happy and I can't even say how relieved I am after every one of these appointments. We are going to GO.ALL.THE.WAY!! My c-section is now planned for July 13th in the morning. Sprout gets to share a birthday with his GiGi P and he will be exactly 3 years and 4 days younger than Tyler! Another bonus is Daddy can go to work while we are in the hospital for 4 days after the c-section and then only has to take time off when we are home. It should work out great! I was given permission to take Benadryl for my cold symptoms. It seems to be getting better, but I can't wait to take some tonight and hopefully SLEEP. My next ultrasound is June 19th to check the baby's growth and my next appt with Dr S is June 25th.

I had to share this cartoon today from my's too true! Especially since I discovered this weekend that I can no longer see my feet and haven't been able to breathe for months now! :-)

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