Monday, June 08, 2009

Yuckies, Part 2

Sorry my update took a while!

Tyler saw his dr about his cold and everything was looking clear. No infections anywhere so we were happy to hear that! She said his cough was good and actually (of course) by the time I decided to take him in he was clearing up!

As for me, I think I hit the worst of it on Saturday. I am sleeping in the lazy boy tonight because I just can't sleep laying down. Propping myself up with pillows like I normally do with a cold is out of the question...have you ever tried sleeping on your side on two pillows? Not so good! :-) Sleeping on my back is out of the question because my legs/feet go numb from the pressure on my spine. So hopefully my sinuses clear up SOON!

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nancyb said...

Hope you're feeling better today!
I like the pics on the new header. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!!!
Thanks for coming out to Tommy's Graduation! I loved how Tyler loved Juliette!!