Wednesday, June 24, 2009

35 Weeks, Ultrasound and Pictures!

I am officially PAST 35 weeks, which is when I delivered Tyler via emergency c-section! This is new territory for me and it's pretty exciting! When the baby moves (which is very often) you can see it from the outside and my whole belly moves! It's amazing and weird at the same time. I am feeling great and honestly think we're going to keep baking this baby until my c-section date, NO earlier!

My ultrasound last Friday went great! Brooke and Tyler came along with me and it was really fun sharing that experience with her. Tyler was a good boy too...he sat on the bed with me for part of it, which was so cute! The ultrasound tech said everything is going good and he is about 5 pounds. We saw a good shot of his face and he has the chubbiest little cheeks!! I think this is going to be my last ultrasound so I was happy to be able to see his face again since it's so hard to get a good shot the bigger they get. She also asked me a really weird question - I've never seen this tech before and she says, "Did the other techs say anything about him having a big head and short legs?" LOL! I said, "NO!" Then she looked back at her measurements of his legs and compared them to the other measurements that have been taken and decided one of hers must have been off so she changed it to another one. It was weird! The radiologist must have thought the number she switched it to was ok because she didn't have to take any new measurements. Next appointment is Thursday morning to drop off my last 24 hour urine sample (YAY!) and have blood drawn, have a non-stress test and see Dr. S.

Here are a few new pictures from the summer so far!
Thumbs up on the Looney 'Toon!

Arms up under the bridge!

Running away with grammy's new luggage!

First time fishing in the little boat with daddy and grampy

They were out there for over 5 hours!

Tyler's bed at the camper...he sleeps really good there!

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