Thursday, February 02, 2006


My doctor appointment went great yesterday! Everything is normal and progressing just fine! When I got there they wanted a urine sample, but I didn’t have to go! So she told me to try again before I left. Two of the nurses already know me by name, go figure!! The doctor was running behind, which I’ve never encountered at that office, but I didn’t care. I actually picked up a couple of the pregnancy magazines in the lobby and learned a few things!

When I finally got called in she said my B.P. was ok, which was 132/80. She said she wants it to be 120-130’s over 70-80’s. (Pre-pregnancy was 128/78 or so, so not much of a difference.) When she put me on Aldomet for the B.P. she put me at the lowest dose, so she said to take it three times a day now instead of two. No prob…I even remembered today! She also said my plan to stop the Unisom and B6 after vacation is just fine. She said she doesn’t want me to take the chance of being sick and I said GOOD! I’ll also start taking my pre-natal vitamins again at that time instead of the Flinstones. That will be a welcomed change since I HATE those things! They’re gross! :-) She said she had some samples of prescription prenatal vitamins to give me before I left. Works for me! Then she answered some questions, I of course forgot to ask about my weight but I’m not worried about it because if she thought I needed to gain more she would have yelled at me! After the Q & A she got out the little machine thing and told me we get to listen to the heart beat! I was excited because I really wasn’t sure what to expect at this appointment! When I got up on the table I asked her to show me where my uterus is since we’ve been pushing around down there and couldn’t tell the difference between my intestines and what we were actually looking for! :-) It was neat and I think I’ve actually felt it before, but she had to push pretty hard…I think we’ll just leave it alone for least until it gets bigger! Listening to the heartbeat was really great, yet a little un-nerving. When she first put the device thingie on my belly there was nothing…I was holding my breath and trying to read her face until she finally found it and I heard that relieving sound of the little ones heart beat! It’s so cool…reminds me of the wind blowing and whooshing because it is so fast…170 beats per minute, which she said is normal and it will continue to come down as the baby gets older. (It was 178 at six weeks.)

As I was getting ready to leave she told me to make my next check up in four weeks and then started talking about my 20 week ultrasound. Because of my pre-hypertension she wants to have a Level 2 ultrasound done, which shows more detail instead of the normal one that they do at the clinic. Fine with me! :-) We’ll have to go to the “ghetto” hospital in Minneapolis for that one. After she gave me a number to call for my appointment, I was all excited and she sent me on my way…without a urine sample or my prenatal vitamin samples! (I ran there this morning quick to pee and grab the samples of vitamins!)

When I got down to the lobby I called right away to get my ultrasound appointment!! My next doctor appointment is March 1st, same time, and my 20 week ultrasound is March 22nd!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!! I hope that the baby co-operates and we are able to find out the sex! HOW EXCITING!!!!!! And I hope the time between now and then goes by FAST! :-)


Erin Bennett said...

How exciting! Have people told you that the fast heart rate means it's a girl? Just another one of those wives' tales...
You'll have to drink a bunch of water before your ultrasound. If I had to do it over again, I'd drink more water than they suggest. I don't know if my body is just used to drinking lots of water, but the technician was surprised that I'd had the full amount. Basically, a full bladder pushes your uterus up and makes the baby move around more. (All the better for finding out the gender!) It's quite uncomfortable, though, to have the technician pressing on you when you have to pee! :)

MrsGiggles said...

People have told me a high heart rate is a boy! Gee, I wonder if there is any truth to either of these?! :-)
Actually, I won't need to have a full bladder for this one, which was surprising. I've had an ultrasound before my pregnancy and had to do the full bladder thing...NO FUN! So I was happy to hear I don't have to this time! I'm just not sure what the reason is.