Thursday, February 23, 2006

This and That

I have to tell you about my 2nd strange craving...I had it in Phoenix! (First was the canned tomatoes.) Josh, Ash, Adam, Dan, and I went to the grocery store on Saturday to pick up beer for Mason’s birthday party. We decided to get some chips and french onion dip so we could contribute a little something to lunch. Well, as we were walking to the car I decided I wanted some pizza. We talked about it briefly and decided there was some frozen pizzas at the house if I wanted to make one. The next thing I knew I was saying, “I want to dip my pizza in the french onion dip!!!!” Everyone thought it sounded gross, but Gram made me a pizza and it was just what I was looking for with my dip! :-) Josh’s Aunt Pattie is convinced it’s a boy cuz I was craving junk food. She said with her two boys all she ate was junk and with her girl she ate veggies and fruits. We’ll have to see!

Last Thursday night my craving was for cheese curds from Culver’s!! I have no idea where that came from, but I wanted them…and we ate at Culver’s for dinner that night just so I could have some! :-)

Speaking of food (hahaha) I’ve decided my jeans are no longer wearable! I wore a pair to work last Friday with the button unbuttoned. By the end of the day they were unzipped as far as I could unzip them and still cover it with my sweatshirt! Luckily, mom brought me some retired jeans of hers with the elastic waist… I think those will last quite a while and are really comfy!

I decided that the movement I felt is definitely the baby and not gas! :-) I felt more flutters last night and a few while I was laying in bed this morning. This is so cool!! Another bonus...knock on wood...I haven't been sick since for two whole days!

Our meeting with our realtor went really good last night. Things look good and he only had a couple minor suggestions for us to “stage” the house to get it ready for sale. One of which was to get rid of the deer head on the wall down stairs…hahaha! Looks like the only real downfall with the house is the two car garage. Most of the houses for sale right now have three car garages, but are also about $15,000 more than our house, so our will be perfect for a first time buyer or a young family. (Like us!) The fact that we didn’t put a deck on is a minor set back, but not a big deal in the pricing. He showed us how he plans to market the house and explained what will be happening through the process. Hopefully all goes well and it sells within 30-90 days!

And speaking of the big move, Josh has a hot job lead thanks to dad! Dad’s been working with an engineer at one of the big engineering/surveying companies in Wausau and found out they need some help. Josh emailed his resume to a guy there and got a reply back on Tuesday night saying that they would like to meet with him (on a Saturday!) the next time he is in town! He’s going to call him back today and set up a time on the 4th to meet with them! Great, huh?! They were also, for some reason, impressed that he has a background in road work as well. BONUS! :-) I’ll keep everyone posted on what’s going on with those two developments as well!

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