Monday, February 27, 2006

A new baby in the family!

We got a phone call on Saturday from my Aunt Kathy...she had some surprising news!

My cousin Jodi had her baby 6 weeks early on Saturday morning! Aiden Isaiah is 5 pounds and is on a respirator, but doing well. They were unsure about a lot of things when we talked, but everything was looking positive! Jodi was in labor on Friday at work, but she thought it was Braxton Hicks (sp?) until early Saturday morning. That's when they decided to call the emergency room to talk to a doctor, but no one called back so they just went in. Which is a good thing because they got there at 3:30 and she delivered in one push at 4:00 am!!! Could have been a parking lot baby! :-)

We're all glad baby and mom are doing well...sounds like dad is very excited! Can't wait to find out more details!


Erin Bennett said...

6 weeks early and already 5 pounds? That could have been a big baby! :)

MrsGiggles said...

That's exactly what we said! :-)