Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm 16 Weeks!

I haven’t been feeling up to par lately, which is why I haven’t posted. SORRY EVERYONE! :-) I’m not sure what happened, I’d been feeling great. Then after vacation I got a really bad chest cold (what my dr. thinks was leftovers from allergies in AZ) and started getting morning/afternoon/evening sickness again. Even with the Unisom and B6. So I’m dealing with that and trying to stay excited about being pregnant. :-) I can’t wait to have the little one here so I’m not sick anymore…not that there won’t be other things to deal with then!

Now…on to the details! The little one is now 4.5 inches long, crown to rump, and 3.5 ounces. About the size of…drum roll please…an avocado! (This comparison thing is really cool…last week when we were in the grocery store we picked up a lemon to see the size of the baby! It really hit home!) The baby’s legs are longer than his/her arms now and he/she can move all joints and limbs. The eyelids are still closed, but the eyes can move a little and he/she can sense light now. (Which of course Josh loved hearing…it’ll only be a matter of time that he is shining a flashlight at my belly!) Little toenails are even starting to appear! Hahaha…they said my hormones should have stabilized now and my nausea should have eased up. YEAH RIGHT!

In the next three weeks the baby will be having big growth spurts, doubling his/her weight and adding inches to his/her length! That is so exciting!! My belly is definitely showing growth already and I REALLY need to order some more maternity pants! I haven’t gained any weight so far…actually, I’ve lost a total of 5 pounds. I don’t think that’s a lot, so I’m trying not to be concerned about it, but I’ll definitely ask at my next appointment, which is a week from today. That is when they normally do the quad-screen, which tests for downs syndrome, etc. We are 90% sure we’re going to opt out of this test, as it doesn’t give a 100% answer anyway. Does anyone have any comments about this?

OH! I found out what is causing my stuffy nose, bloody nose, and terrible allergies! BabyCenter says: …increased estrogen can cause swelling in the mucous membranes and possibly the production of more mucus. Your blood volume is increasing, too, which causes your blood vessels to expand, including those in your nose. (You may get occasional nosebleeds as a result.) And because pregnancy alters your immune system and makes you more susceptible to certain infections, it might just be that you have a cold or allergies.


Erin Bennett said...

We opted out of the test. Primarily because the results would not have changed how we handled the rest of the pregnancy (i.e. termination). But also, there is too much of a chance of a false positive, and who needs that stress?! :)

MrsGiggles said...

Ok, awesome...that is exactly what Josh and I are thinking. There is no 100% on the result and no matter what the outcome we wouldn't chose termination either. Josh's mom was told to abort her pregnancy when she was pregnant with him because of a genetic test and she chose not to, thank God, cuz he's just fine! (Well, mostly, haha!) And his cousin recently had a false positive on a test and went through hell. SO...yeah, we have also chose to opt out of the test and I'm very comfortable with the decision, which feels great! :-)

MrsGiggles said...

Thanks for your input! :-)