Friday, July 30, 2010

He did great!

Tyler did great at Vacation Bible School! He had no problem with me leaving him and really enjoyed the crafts, stories and especially singing and dancing! After his first day we were in the car with Grandma and he said, "Mom, I didn't realize you were going to go home!" We couldn't believe he said "realize" and laughed and laughed! Last night we had a special service at church where the kids showed the congregation their songs and Pastor highlighted the bible stories they learned. I just loved watching Tyler sing and dance with all the other kids! :-)

After service Tyler got to have an ice cream bar and had fun "log rolling" down the hill oustide the church!

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Katie said...

He's so cute! I did some log rolling a couple years ago... Nothing like some good ol' kiddie fun :)
Thanks for all the comments and love on my blog. I really appreciate it :):):)