Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Umbilical Hernia

My surgery went great today on my umbilical hernia. My original time to be at the hospital was 10:30 but they called yesterday morning and asked to switch it to 8:30. For anyone that knows me knows that I wasn't happy since I am NOT a morning person but I guess I didn't have a whole lot of choice. :-)

Got there, got prepped and was all ready to go...and waited...and waited... Until 11:00 when they FINALLY took me back! I was annoyed, yet tried to be understanding since the surgery before mine ran long. I know if it was me and I wouldn't want the doc saying, "Ok, let's just get this done quick since I have another appointment!" Plus, I ended up falling asleep in the prepping area (or whatever that's called) so it went by fast. I just feel bad for Josh having to sit there!

I came out of surgery and I did not get terribly sick...THANK God!!! I am feeling great, a bit sore, but nothing major. I keep telling everyone, nothing compares to having a c-section so I'm honestly doing great!! :-) My only complaint is a bad dry mouth from the anti-nausea patch they gave me. I'll take that over puking though!

Next project...Tyler and Trevor's birthday party on Sunday!

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