Friday, April 21, 2006

Baby News and Relocation News!

Ok, it’s been awhile! Life has been pretty crazy around our house!

I’ve been slacking in my baby updates for the last two weeks, so here goes! I am now 24 weeks along…6 months! It’s hard to believe, isn’t it!? Squirt is now 1.25 pounds and just about a foot long! It’s just incredible…I keep thinking about when he was just the size of a grape! The time has really passed quickly, but I guess we’ve been keeping busy. His taste buds are developing and I wonder if he tastes what I eat or if he just gets the nutrients from what I eat. Anyone know? I think it’s pretty cool that he will get used to all the loud noises he hears in utero so when he is here with us they won’t phase him! The top of my uterus is now about an inch above my belly button, making it about the size of a SOCCER BALL! HOLY MOLY!!!!! :-)

Squirt has been moving around so much since he is growing bigger and Josh is able to feel him easily now. I don’t know what is normal as far as how much babies move, but it feels like he is VERY active! Last weekend when we were with my parents he was kicking so hard I said, “It feels like he’s going to fall out!” Now, I know that’s not possible, but that’s how it feels! Some times he even kicks so hard out of the blue that I jump! And then I laugh and laugh, so it’s welcomed! :-)

I’ve had a little bit of trouble with swelling, but it seems to be under control if I watch my sodium intake and keep drinking lots of water. It was a little scary when it got really bad on Saturday last weekend, but I realized, after I called the doctor in fear of preclampsia, that I ate some potato chips on Friday! The nurse reassured me that they aren’t worried about toxemia or preclampsia so I try to remember that if the swelling differs from day to day.

Speaking of the doctor, I had an appointment on April 11th and that went great. My blood pressure is back to where it was before, so she is going to keep me on the dose of my BP meds that the other doc put me on. She reassured me that the dose I’m on is still REALLY low and it’s nothing to be concerned about at this point. Whew. She asked me about the move and at that point we still didn’t know what was going on. So I talked her into bumping up my next ultrasound appointment just in case we move! :-) She actually wants them to be four weeks apart now instead of six since I’m “high risk” now for two reasons instead of just one, so it all worked out. My next ultrasound is Tuesday, April 25…next week already! Josh will be coming along, as usual! They’ll be checking to be sure Squirt is growing like he is supposed to be…and I’m also going to have them “make sure” he’s still a boy! (Not that I wish it was a girl, just so the shower invites are the right color! Hahaha!) Then I’ll see Dr. B on Wednesday for my last check-up with her and to get things ready to be transferred to a new OB/GYN in Wausau!

Our house officially went on the market on April 5th and we had a showing that same night! After that we had a couple more showings and even had an offer on Friday! The couple ended up backing out, which worked out ok since it was only on the market for three days. We have lots of time yet!

As far as the job side of things, Josh has accepted an incredible offer from Company #2 in Wausau! He is SO excited and so are the management and owners there! He'll be starting his new job on May 10th, so our last day of work at our current jobs will be May 5th! The owner of Company #2 arranged for a $5,000 sing on bonus, $500 for moving expenses and our insurance will start the first day he is employed there instead of after 60 days, so no one will have to pay for COBRA insurance. After 60 days they are going to give him a review and if he is performing (which he will be!) they will give him a raise to get him up to what he is making now!

As for work for me, I have a couple options right now and am also going to look into doing some temp work until the baby comes. We’re both hoping that after Josh’s 60 days he will be making enough so that I can stay home when the baby is born. That is our main goal and one of the only things now that is still up in the air!

The move is bittersweet as we have been here for four years now, have a beautiful home and have made some close friends that we'll have to leave behind. We both truly enjoy our jobs here so that will be hard as well. HOWEVER, we both know in our hearts that our lives and Squirt's life will be much better being closer to our families and friends. And I know we're both looking forward to having "normal" weekends with less driving! :-)

We love you all and thank you for supporting us in our decision to move to Minnesota and our decision to come back to Wisconsin!!!


Kerry said...'ve been as busy as us! Great news on the new job! How very exciting!!! Moving closer to family has got to be exciting.

Wow on the quick offer, but bummer it fell through. Any advice to us, we list on MONDAY!!!!! We have to have a quick sale even though we don't really want to leave town before the third week of July (baby HAS to come early now!). This is all so very stressful, how are you coping so well?????

MrsGiggles said...

Yes, we’re SO EXCITED to be closer to our family and friends! We’re very lucky that everything is falling into place so well.

The house…right now I’m really frustrated with that! We have a pond behind our house and people with kids freak out when they see it. Also the market is super slow right now and nothing is selling. I’m trying to keep a good attitude, really, I am! :-) I have no idea how I’m coping….right now it’s not so well!

Best of luck with your house! This web site helped us a lot since we’ve never done this before! Go to our realtor's site and click on Seller Tips. There is an excellent online presentation called Sellers Workshop.