Thursday, April 06, 2006


Josh had a message from Company #2 yesterday when he got home and the guy said they are "definitely interested and want to continue this." SWEET, HUH?! He mentioned meeting next Friday, which is weird cuz it’s Good Friday, but on the other hand, Josh can take the time off and no one will question why! Josh is calling him back today to set up a meeting time.

AND…I just talked to Josh...he had his review with his boss this morning and it went good. No one at Josh's work knows about us moving except Fred, Josh's 2nd man that meets at our house in the morning. Josh wanted to tell him before he saw the for sale sign in the yard! BUT...a couple people at his work have been saying stuff like, "So since you're having a baby when are you moving back to WI?" and stuff like that. We weren't sure if his boss would say anything about it today, but he didn't. AND...Josh got a $3 raise! I can't believe this! Maybe he has an idea about the move and that's why he gave Josh such a big get him to stay! Urgh...who knows! All I know is the money isn't going to keep us here! :-)

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