Monday, April 03, 2006

Catch-Up Post!

Hi everyone! I’m a little bit behind schedule, but here I am! Last week was an insane whirlwind but now that I’m caught up I can write and get everyone up-to-date.

3-24…Went to PJ’s for Brooke’s birthday party. We had a really good time, we even stayed until 1:30! I couldn’t believe how fast the time went cuz I thought I’d be ready for bed at 10:00! :-) It was good seeing Brooke and Brad and all of our friends and some of our family. On our way back to my mom and dad’s house we came upon a car accident by the road my parents live on. Apparently the guy was drunk and drove down my parents road (which comes to a T intersection), across the highway, down the ditch and up onto the railroad tracks! When we got there his car was stuck on the tracks! So I called 911 and Josh made sure he was ok since he is certified in First Aid. The Sherriff’s department got there pretty quick to take care of things. Pretty exciting way to end the night I guess! Didn’t get to bed until prolly 3:00am!

3-25…Got up around 11:00…very rare for us! We took a ride past one of the houses we wanted to look at. It’s a great location but the yard is quite small. Then we headed up to Josh’s home town to visit with his family for a while. That was fun...we hung out there and ate dinner with his mom, Jim and Dan before we went to see Zach and Kim and new baby Kadince! She is just adorable and we had a great time visiting with them!

Today we got some great news! After three weeks of waiting for word on job offers or interviews for Josh we finally heard something! Josh checked his email and he got a job offer from Company #1, the place he already interviewed with! They sent him a benefits package (which looks good) and want him to come in to talk salary! Then he had an email from Company #2 saying they want to interview him! I think he will like that place better than Company #1 because they are more surveying oriented...I hope it all goes well!

3-26…Visited with Josh’s grandma and grandpa and then headed back home.

3-29…I’m 21 weeks! The baby is supposed to weigh ¾ of a pound and is about 10.5 inches long. But we all know our little guy is ahead of that…I just don’t know how much! His eyelids and eyebrows are fully developed too! I’m definitely feeling him moving around. A LOT! :-) BabyCenter said the little guy is oblivious to my schedule. That’s a little surprising because I’ve still been sleeping good, minus my one trip to the bathroom, and he seems to settle down right before I go to bed! I’m starting to see his patterns and have an idea of when he is active and when he’s not. I’ve been, for the most part, feeling great! It’s so nice to just be enjoying the pregnancy and not being miserable!

My doctor appointment today went well...Squirt’s heartbeat is 158. Just right! My blood pressure was 132/90 so they added an extra dose of my meds and I'll see Dr. Brown in two weeks to check it again. I honestly chalked it up to seeing a new doctor and being nervous, but I’ll still check it at the pharmacy and keep an eye on it between now and April 11th when I see Dr. B. I asked Dr. F. about the numbing in my hands. He said a lot of pregnant women get carpal tunnel during pregnancy because of water retention. It’s also irritated by sleeping with your wrists bent, which explains why it’s only bad first thing in the morning. So for the most part, all is well! :-)

3-31…We left work early today cuz Josh has an interview with Company #2 at 3:30! (WAHOO!) He will be meeting with the President of Company #1 on Saturday morning to talk about a salary! FINALLY...after over three weeks we get some answers! :-) He isn't going to take the job at Company #1 until he hears from Company #2 because we both think Company #2 will be a better fit for him since they are more surveying oriented!

Today…Josh's two interviews went great this weekend! The one at Company #2 looks pretty promising. He is really excited about that place because they are very up-to-date and surveying oriented. They gave him a tour and introduced him to a few people, so that's a good thing too! :-) The interview with Company #1 went good as well...we thought they were going to offer him a job, but it was actually a second interview with the president of the company. He likes that company too, but is really hoping Company #2 will offer him a job. Company #2 is calling him back this week and Company #1 will get in touch with him in the next couple weeks when they have a better feel for how much work they will have this summer.

I'm pretty sure Josh is FINALLY ready to put the house on the market...I can't tell you how relieving that is because we just don't know how long it will take to sell. He mentioned last night about putting the final touches on the house so the realtor can come take pictures, so this is a good thing!

Speaking of houses, we looked at about 6 houses in the Rib Mountain area with a realtor on Saturday. Mom and dad came along too…it was a fun afternoon! Didn't find anything we couldn't live without, but definitely got some ideas! And…we had Papillion’s for dinner…YUMMY! I love those Wisconsin pizza fries! :-)

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