Sunday, March 26, 2006


After our ultrasound, we received some cute outfits from family and friends. When we got home Sunday night I felt the need to take pictures of them and post them! :-) I'm just so excited I have to share! I sure wish we could get a nursery set up, but it's just not going to happen right now...I'll come to terms with that sooner or later! Meanwhile, we have "baby drawers" in the dress in our spare bedroom that are reserved for "Squirt." (That's what Josh has been calling our little guy!)

Outfits from Christmas when I was only a few weeks along! Packers outfits from my parents, Pooh outfit from my Aunt Kathy, slippers from Josh's mom, and the giraffe is a little something my mom picked up for him a few weeks ago. It's so cute!

These are the outfits and Squirt's very first little toy that mommy bought him. I picked them up the day we had our first ultrasound and found out he was doing well!

This little outfit is the one Josh and I picked up on clearance at Walmart...the one with the kahki overalls and #72 on the onesie and hoodie!

Our friends Mindy & Ron picked up this outfit the night we called them to tell them we are having a boy...more overalls and they are just adorable! The shirt has a scooter on it and there is a little puff of smoke on the back too!

Last, but not least, this is the outfit my mom and dad gave us. My mom had picked up a boy and a girl outfit so she had this picked out to give us before we even had our ultrasound! :-) We just love's adorable and Josh's mom told us Josh had that was similar to it when he was a little guy!

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