Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I’m 18 Weeks!

Every morning when Josh leaves for work he wakes me up to kiss me goodbye and usually touches or kisses my belly too. (I know, awwww!) Well, yesterday morning he said in a little sing-song voice, “You’re starting to get a belly!” LoL…I’d have slapped him if it wasn’t a baby! :-) But it’s true…my abdomen is starting to really show some changes and we can feel the top of my uterus almost at the bottom of my belly button. Just in the last week I’ve been noticing my belly button starting to get sore as my uterus keeps growing! I’m sure that uncomfortablness (lol…I don’t think that’s a word, but just go with it) will be nothing in comparison to what will be happening, but still! I’ve also quit wearing my pants at my waistline for that very reason…and now they’re hiked up damn near to my chest…it’s HOT! I’ve noticed more heartburn so my Tums are close by my side and my appetite seems to be growing, but I’m keeping it to small and frequent meals so I don’t get an upset stomach. At the moment I feel like I have these few things under control! :-)

The comparison food of the week from is..........drumroll please..........a large sweet potato! (I was so tempted to put a picture of sweet potato pie here...yum!) Baby is now 5.5 inches long and weighs almost 7 ounces. I’ve been feeling a lot more movement and that’s due to him/her being able to flex his/her arms and legs! Again, welcomed movement! Also, the reproductive parts are now formed if the baby is a boy or a girl…which hopefully we will see in 14 days at our ultrasound!

Josh and I did something very exciting on Saturday! We decided on and made our fist big purchase for the baby…BEDDING! It doesn’t have the ark on it, but has all the elements, even an olive branch above the little birdie! The colors are very gender neutral…green with light stripes and a yellow gingham in the backrounds. The animals all have different textures on them…the lion has corduroy on his mane and the elephant has denim on his ears. SO CUTE! There is a possibility that if we find out it’s a girl we might go with a simple pink bedding set, but just a small possibility. You know me and my indecisiveness!

Here are some snapshots I took of it in Target. Josh is such a good sport! LoL…and while I was taking pics with my camera phone a worker walked up to us and said, “Can I help you with something?” I nonchalantly replied, “No!” We got a good laugh from that one!

This crib also happens to be very close to the one we have picked out!

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