Thursday, March 02, 2006

I’m 17 Weeks!

The baby is around 5 ounces, 5 inches now, about the size of a large onion! (Ash guessed a green pepper…SO CLOSE!)

I picked this picture cuz of the blue background! Man, if this kid is a girl, I hope I haven't given her a complex!

My doctor appointment yesterday afternoon went great. In and out in no time, with all my answers answered, just how I like it!

First topic of conversation, “How have you been feeling?” So I go into this big thing how I tried going off the Unisom and B6, got really sick, so I’m back on it. My doctor, who is awesome by the way, told me to QUIT feeling guilty about taking it and just be happy that I feel good and we’ve found something that can fix it! Ok, that’s doable. Then I told her that I can’t keep down the prenatal vitamins that she gave me. NO PROB! Keep taking the Flinstones, my iron is fine and that’s basically why you take special prenatal vitamins, so I’m good to go.

Second topic - blood pressure. It’s GREAT! 130/76! She’s very happy with that so I will continue to take 3 – 250 mg doses a day. I ask for a new prescription, which she almost forgot to give me before I left! We get to talking and both forget little things! (Last time it was prenatal vitamin samples)

Third topic – ultrasound! She made sure I had made an appointment at the hospital to have a Level 2 ultrasound done. YUP! March 22nd! It’s cool when you are so excited about something you can get the doctor excited too! I commented that we were hoping to find out the sex and she said, “Oh yeah, that won’t be a problem.” Of course I didn’t think about it until after I left, but I wonder why she said that! Are the Level 2’s that much more detailed or do they just make you walk around until the baby is facing the right direction?! Oh well, guess we’ll find out in 3 weeks! She said the tech doing the u/s will walk us through it, explaining everything, and then we will meet with a doctor for results the same day. My next appointment with Dr. B will be March 29th, four weeks from yesterday, but she won’t be in the office. I don’t mind seeing a different doctor, but with a possible move getting more real I kinda want to make sure I see HER again. So I might change it to the following Wednesday, but I’ll update on that. At that appointment they will measure my uterus to make sure it’s where it’s supposed to be, but yesterday she told me it is just below my belly button. Right where it should be! :-)

Fourth topic – weight. Another “Quit worrying about it!” This time I was worrying I wasn’t gaining enough weight. She told me between the 1st – 2nd – 3rd appointments I lost weight (from being sick) and between the 3rd and this appointment I stayed the same. She’s very happy with that and said as long as I’m eating and drinking I’m doing just fine! Since I’m eating smaller meals that is helping my metabolism, as well as just being pregnant, which could be why I’m not gaining any weight. She said she has had overweight patients that actually come back for their check-up after the baby is born 10-15 pounds lighted than when they got pregnant! WORKS FOR ME! :-)

After all the talking I got to hear the heartbeat again! It was 150 BPM, which is down from 170 last time. Apparently it goes down as the baby gets older/bigger. How cool! SO…according to the wives tale, it could qualify to be a girl! Am I wrong about my prediction?! We’ll see on the 22nd! (Hopefully!)


Erin Bennett said...

Wow--I was so opposite. I gained most of my weight in the first half and have slowed since then. The heart rate wivestale certainly held true for our boy--it's always around 140. But, I guess it is just a wivestale! I've also heard that morning sickness is more likely to mean boy. Whatever.
Do you mind if I link to your blog on mine?

MrsGiggles said...

15 more days until we find out for sure! :-)