Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ultrasound results!

Josh and I had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday! My gut feeling was right...our little Peanut is a BOY!!!!!!

The whole ultrasound experience was very interesting, to say the least! I didn’t have to have a full bladder and I’m SOOOOO thankful for that because our stubborn little boy wouldn’t move so the tech was doing all she could to get him to! When she first started she told us that the baby had his head down and was facing my spine. Not very easy to get at the head to get measurements, so there was a lot of poking, prodding and pushing on my belly. She said, “Sorry if this hurts!” and I said, “Well, do what you have to do cuz I’m sure the birth will be worse than this!” LoL. At one point she pushed on my belly and we heard a little thud on the ultrasound thing...I felt a kick at the same time! I think he was telling her to get out of his space! She took a few measurements and then we tried a few other things to get him to move. She laid me back on the table so I felt like I was standing on my head – didn’t work! Turned on my right side – didn’t work! Turned on my left side facing away from her – still didn’t move! As I’m facing away from her she said she was getting a better angle and I kept an eye on Josh’s face to see if his expression changed. Slowly a little smirk spread across his face and I knew something was up. When I rolled back over she had a picture on the screen and she showed us the two legs and then she pointed an arrow between his legs and said, “IT’S A BOY!” Since he wasn’t cooperating very well we didn’t get too many good pics, but we got the important one! This isn't very good since I just took a picture of it with my camera phone. Our scanner isn't hooked up yet, so that's all we have for now! :-) His butt is facing up and his legs are spread apart. If you look close enough you can see where she typed the word leg and the little arrow she put on there pointing to his boy parts !

This is his little foot, if you can make it out!

When we met with the doctor for the results, he said everything looked really good and he is ahead of the size schedule by 4 days! With the level two ultrasound it even shows the flow of blood in red and blue coming into and leaving the baby’s body from the umbilical cord. That’s the only place there was a little issue. They are going to have me back for an ultrasound every 6 weeks not only because of my pre-hypertension, but because instead of having two arteries and one vein in his umbilical cord he only has one of each. Normally this hinders the growth of the baby, but the doctor said he's growing just fine! :-) The doctor assured us there is nothing to worry about at this point and he was very happy with what he saw. Even though he is ahead of his growth schedule they aren't changing my due date since I had an early ultrasound and those are very accurate in determining the due date. Big babies run in my mom's side of the family, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised! :-)

When we were done we had dinner at Friday’s and spent a lot of time on the phone. Everyone was excited...we're very excited too! Then we ran to Walmart and had to stroll through the baby department to pick up something boy-ish! We picked up a little outfit that was on clearance… khaki bib overalls that have cute little patches on the knees. It came with a blue onesie with the number 72 on the sleeve and a grey zip up hoodie with the number 72 on the front of it. We had to have it since 72 was Josh's racing number when he raced snowmobiles! :-) And my dad’s old football number!

When we got home we made the cupcakes to take to our offices today…with cute blue frosting on them! The cupcakes are going over well...I put them on my desk and made everyone come over to me to get one so I could share the ultrasound pics! Mindy and Ron gave us an outfit (she went and bought it after we called them last night!). It's a blue polo shirt that has a scooter on it and a pair of jean bib overalls! SO CUTE! And my mom said when we go there this weekend she left a present for us on the table!

All-in-all, it was a great visit with lots of awesome news! Again, we are so blessed! :-)


Kerry said...

Yeah!!! for a healthy cooperative baby BOY!!!! Sounds like you're as excited as we are about our boy!

I finally found a few outfits for our (nameless! LOL) guy today...denim overalls! My favorite thing for far! LOL

MrsGiggles said...

We're definitely excited! :-) I've heard the overalls are really easy for babies, so that works for me!

And don't feel bad about the name thing! Now that we know it's a boy and are seriously considering the names we have picked out it's a lot harder to choose. So I know how you feel!

Erin Bennett said...

Oh, girl with a complex after all. :)

MrsGiggles said...

:-) Thank you!!

And CONGRATULATIONS to you guys!