Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Interview Update

Another busy week at work! Too bad I don’t have a computer at home…oh, wait…we do! Uhm, I just don’t get paid to use that one! :-)

Josh’s job interview went great on the 11th…it was TWO HOURS LONG! Everything they said was good and they really seemed to like Josh. They are impressed with his qualifications and he said the company seems to be very good to its employees. The bad part…Josh was pretty disappointed in the equipment that they use because it is very outdated. However, he is still going to consider employment there if they offer it to him. He should be hearing from someone soon, they are supposed to mail an information packet about their insurance and other benefits. Oh – dad talked to the guy from this company on Monday and he said he hasn’t heard anything about the details, just that the interview went good and they liked Josh. He also told dad he thought they would lay Josh off in the winter. That really put a different spin on things, which sucks. But I guess it will all work out.

As for the house, until we hear something on employment, it’s not up for sale.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT THE ULTRASOUND IS TOMORROW!?!?!! The time has just FLOWN by! We are so excited we can hardly stand it! Tonight will go by fast cuz we’re going to the MN Wild hockey game. Hopefully tomorrow morning will fly! I’m picking Josh up at work at 2:00 and we’re headed to the hospital!! Eeeek! I’m sticking with my prediction - I think it’s a boy. I sure hope we’ll be able to find out after all this excitement! :-)

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