Friday, March 10, 2006

Radio DJ has made a guess at the sex of our baby!

My cousin Brooke emailed me yesterday from WI and said, “You should call WIFC now to see what Dave Calloway says your having. All he needs to know is how old you'll be when you have the baby and the official month of conception.” I said it sounds a lot like the info you need for the Chinese Birth Chart, but I’ll give it a shot. I tried calling shortly after and no one answered. I emailed her back and said she should do it for me today! SO…she did! This is the email I, and a bunch of family and friends, got from her this morning:

Ok, so Alissa talked me into doing a baby check for her on WIFC cuz she couldn't get through. Dr Dave said that she is going to have a boy!! When Alissa has the baby, she or I need to call back to the radio station and let them know what she had. If Dr. Dave was right, they will send her a bib that says, “Dr Dave said I was going to be a boy!” If he was wrong they will send her a bib that says, “OOOPS!!!” He also said that since he's been doing this, Greece is the farthest they've sent a bib. Now I'm listening to the station to see if I'll be on the radio or not, I know....what a dork!! The things you do for the ones you love!! :O)

Now isn’t that cool?! So it’ll be fun to see if Dr. Dave and the Chinese birth chart are both right! :-) Only 12 days until the ultrasound!


Erin Bennett said...

Man, if this baby is a girl, it sounds like LOTS of people will be surprised!

MrsGiggles said...

LoL...I know! Josh and I were talking the other night and I said if it's a girl we're sure giving her a complex! :-)