Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I’m 22 Weeks Today!

This week our little guy is looking like a miniature newborn…no more alien! He is 10.9 inches and almost 1 pound! Even his eyes are developed and the first little tooth buds are appearing under his gums!

Not a whole lot of new stuff to report today, which is ok too I guess! My belly button has been pretty sore…it’s stretching sideways! (I guess pretty soon it will be flat and then start sticking out!) And speaking of stretching, I’m starting to get some new stretch marks on the sides of my belly button. I knew in the back of my mind I’d get them because I had some before the pregnancy, but it was really weird when they actually showed up! I’ve been feeling a lot of movement from the little guy, but still not able to feel him from the outside of my belly. I’m starting to retain water on a daily basis now, it’s not just sporadic anymore. So I have to make sure I get up and walk around a lot, keep my feet up at my desk and DRINK, DRINK, DRINK! Water that is! :-) Otherwise, I’m settling in to the “easy” part of pregnancy…I’m getting used to all the weird things my body is doing, so all that’s left is to enjoy it until I get big and uncomfortable! :-)

Josh and his co-worker Fred picked up a glider/ottoman from one of his other co-workers’ house today. They said they didn’t need it any more and wanted it to go to a good home! We’re so lucky…those aren’t cheap!

…ok, so maybe I had more to report than I thought!

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